Monday, December 28, 2020



Today’s review is of Spanish Death Metal band Unbounded Terror’s new album, out on January.

This album consists of the new title track, 4 re-recorded songs from their early days and 3 live tracks from their last album. The band seems to have improved a lot in their comeback, adding a lot more of layers to their sound.

This new song fits pretty well with their previous works, although it sounds definitely much more modern, with even some hints of Melodic Death Metal in it. Then, the re-recorded tracks also sound much different than the original version, with much more quality and modernity added into them. Finally, the live songs display bluntly their capacity to give a good show.

While the band is historically important for being one of the first Death Metal groups of Spain, their sound isn’t necessarily the best, instead being better catalogued in the vast majority as one more. Nonetheless, this new release shows an improvement that will make their future music interesting.

I recommend this to fans of OSDM. My rating is of 8/10.

 Review by Varg The Mighty 


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