Friday, January 22, 2021

2021 Label Sampler, new CRYPTS OF DESPAIR, SOOTHSAYER releases, WOMBBATH codes and more!

Thank you so much for being with us! I believe this can be our best year yet and we hope to iron out some remaining creases in our operations which includes being on top of things when it comes to sending out orders (we're still reeling from the whole COVID fiasco), having our new Europe store up and running, and also offer new kinds of wooden box sets and merch. I believe we 've made good progress on all of those and it's time to shift gears up this year. First up, have a look at the artwork of our much awaited 2021 label sampler - 


Check out the free-for-download label sampler 
AT THIS LINK. We believe it's our best one yet and probably our shortest. The upcoming ones will be even shorter as we've decided to streamline our activities and make things more efficient overall. Ultimately there's only so much I can do before it starts taking a toll on my health.

For the first time, we've introduced coloured merch for our label samplers and thanks to Mark Riddick, who's done a fantastic job here, we've offered not one but two designs! Please check out a few of the mockups below - 

The label sampler merch is exclusively available via 
Bandcamp and our Main Store because it's a lot honestly and it gets complicated sending all of it in various sizes to our US and Europe stores.

We've put up pre-orders of two other releases namely of Soothsayer and Crypts of Despair but before that, have a look at this month's offer - 

As always, just pay for any 3 CDs and mention your choice of free CD in the order notes when checking out or write to us and we'll do it for you! This offer like all other monthly offers are only valid on stores managed by us i.e. Bandcamp and our Main Store.

And now here's some info on our two new releases, with another one of Plasmodium also lined up this month. 

Crypts of Despair (Lithuania) - All Light Swallowed (Dark/Dissonant Death Metal)

Death metal band Crypts of Despair have made a quantum leap from their well-received debut full length to the new one. The progression is not merely aesthetic but intrinsic; it's as if they've unlocked some inner beast by channelling diabolical forces through them. The music is at once ferocious, rife with unearthly and dissonant sounds, punctuated by hair-raising, eerie ambience. It embodies the perfect combination of face-melting aggression and electrifying atmosphere, with song structures remaining unpredictable and yet strangely coherent. The sound is absolutely pristine, able to express the band's penchant for playing fast, devastating music as well as doing justice to the myriad variations that they incorporate. This is the perfect death metal album of the times, without any dilution of the raw appeal of the genre. The execution is next level and it's an album that you will keep coming back to just because it has so much to offer in a refreshing manner. Delve deep into this one and the experience will be unforgettable. 

FFO: Ulcerate, Incantation, Belphegor, Portal, Anaal Nathrakh, Deathspell Omega, Replicant, Gorguts, Morbid Angel, Immolation

And there's more of course. Two songs links have been included below too. 

Bandcamp | Official Store

Soothsayer (Ireland) - Echoes of the Earth (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal)

Irish doom/sludge band Soothsayer released a gem of an EP a few years back but nothing could've prepared us for this powerful, monolithic album which happens to be their debut full length. Somehow they have retained the emotionally-charged atmosphere while adding next level intensity to their music. It is now pulsating with raw, irrepressible energy which is almost bursting through the music, echoed by a truly harrowing performance by the vocalist. The sentiments of frustration, rage and despair come through because of the systematic and apathetic destruction of nature, and it has had enough and is now lashing back at all of us. This album captures this feeling perfectly using an organic sound, eschewing the use of paint brushes to create the artwork with fallen leaves, and most importantly, channeling the chaos surrounding us all into pure sonic catharsis in a manner that this genre can barely contain. This is one of the most emotive and turbulent albums in the realm of doom/sludge metal while being consistently plaintive, angry and evocative at the same time. 

For fans of - Eremit, Cult of Luna, Eibon, Primitive Man, Jupiterian, Inter Arma, 71TonMan

Two of their songs are included below as well. This is a stunning release that's intense as well as emotive. 

Bandcamp | Official Store

Lined up next are these releases. Get ready! 

Plasmodium (Australia) - Towers of Silence (Psychedelic Black/Death Metal)

Dodsferd (Greece) - Skotos (Black Metal)

Official Site

Official Bandcamp

Official US Indiemerch Store

Official Europe Store


Official Crypts of Despair Video Stream

Official Crypts of Despair Video Stream #2

Official Soothsayer Video - New one! 

Official Soothsayer Video

Official Plasmodium Video Stream


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