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Compilation album of MORTAL MUTILATION called "Demon's Lust" released in 2013 that contains EP's and demos from 1991 to 1994.

Band : Mortal Mutilation
Album : Demon's Lust
Year : 2013 (EP's and demos 1991-1994)
Country : Spain
Genre : Death Metal
Tracklist :
1. Merlin
2. A Black Mass For Satanas
3. Outro/Prelude
4. Materialization
5. Words Of Brutal Death
6. The Stepfather
7. To The Dreamer (The Dead Path)
8. Ebon
9. A Black Mass For Satanas
10. Maggots (Intro)
11. Spirit Waking
12. Inri Die
13. The Stepfather
14. Zombie
15. Mortal Mutilation
16. Merlin III
17. La Ira Del Desconcierto

                             DEMO : "DAWN OF THE DEAD"

                                 SINGLE : KATIE KING

MORTAL MUTILATION was one of the first Spanish Death Metal bands that was in Barcelona with ROTTEN FLESH, at least these two were the ones that stood out at the beginning of the decade of the 90's. His style was a dark-cut Death Metal similar to bands like Hypocrisy, Unbounded Terror, etc. The band debuted in 1992 with the demo "Dawn of the Dead" that was released by Drowned Productions, in June 1993 came "Katie King" 7'ep of 3 songs that is considered his best work, "Demon's Lust" were also other three songs from 1993 but did not get to edit until the compilation of 2013, his last appearance was in the compilation "Death Metal party" of 1994 with bands like Human Waste, Necropsy, Obscure, Corrupt Soul, etc. The band dissolved in 1994 but several ex-members still continue active as is the case of Ishmael who vocalizes in MADERA, or Thrash'et and Carlos who are active in MELANGIA. In 2013, they reissued all their material for the Chilean label From the Grave Productions. Components: Edu (Low) Thrash'et (Battery) Candela (Guitar) Carlos (Guitar) Ishmael (Voice) Discography Dawn of the Dead - Demo (1992) Katie King - EP (1993) Demon's Lust - EP (1993) Death Metal Party - Split (1994) Demon's Lust 1991 - 1994 - Recopilatorio (2013) (Extracted from the blog The Horror Dimension)

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