Tuesday, January 26, 2021


HEISER is a rock group born in Badajoz in the
year 2019 that arises from the union of musicians with long
trajectory in the Badajoz music scene. His style,
difficult to classify and consciously avoiding
the rigidity of the labels, is the result of the mixture of
musical influences of each of its members.
Renowned groups in Extremadura music form
The DNA of the band, Evicted, Simple Coincidence,
Overlook or Blame The Dog are some of the groups in
those who have militated the members of HEISER.
The band is made up of:
Voice: José Peña
Guitar and voice: Emilio Vázquez
Guitar and voice: Javier Reyes
Bass and voice: Rubén García
Drums and voice: Armando Mazuecos

In July 2020 they finished the recording of their first album by
studio, recorded, mixed and mastered at Silence Studios
by David Capellán.
In the same month they present their first video clip, directed by the
prestigious photographer Félix Méndez

The group has a wide repertoire of its own songs to
offer a concert that transits between great melodies
vocals, the power in their rhythms and the forcefulness and
depth in the guitar lines.
Contac: 696 772 622

                                                HEISER - Catedrales


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