Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Hierarchy Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show


Featured Interview
The Zach Moonshine Show

Vernon Boward III and Michael Goguey Jr from Hierarchy join us on the show to talk about the new album, the bands history and the bands future! We take questions from the live audience during the interview and we play new music from the bands latest release! This episode also features some of our listeners favorites that were released during 2020 from Kira, Diabology, ETERNAL CHAMPION, Vessel Of Light, Possessed Steel, SpellBook, Smoulder, Blessed by Perversion, Pink Cocoon, Shadow Warrior, Okrütnik, Motherfaster, Stonemongers, Cobra Spell, Divine Weep, Hegeroth, Testament, VHÄLDEMAR, Empyrean Fire, Nihilum, SUN EATER, Gravehuffer, Pale Horseman, Diamond Head, Royal Hunt, Incursion, Necralant.


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