Saturday, January 30, 2021

MAGIK "Sister Golden Hair"


Sister Golden Hair

“Covers in Isolation”


Magik is the project that arises from the union of two musicians with extensive experience: the guitarist and producer Manolo Arias (Ñu, Niagara, Atlas, Arias - Barón Rojo, Iguana Tango, etc.) and the British vocalist Giles Keith Ramírez (HOT, Ghost). Although they have known each other for almost 30 years, to date, the opportunity to collaborate together had not arisen.


From this union was born the idea of ​​publishing a cover a month, "12 months, 12 versions", under the title of "Covers In Isolation". In this way, they will offer us their particular vision of classics from the 60s and 70s, always under their personal prism, adapting it to their musical criteria.


The idea arises after the quarantine period, where Giles had been sharing some versions through RRSS. Precisely for that reason, the global pandemic, Arias had been forced to delay his debut film "I'm Not For Anyone" and he thought it was time to join forces under this series of classics that will be released month by month.


This second song that they offer us is a music classic, it is America's “Sister Golden Hair”, a song composed by Gerry Beckley, produced by George Martin and published in 1975 on his album "Hearts".


"Sister Golden Hair" was the second No. 1 for the British trio in the United States after the initial "Horse with No Name". It was one of the songs on America's fifth LP, "Hearts," the second album recorded under Martin's command, which also featured the Beatles' sound engineer Geoff Emerick.


On the other hand, there was the admiration felt by its composer Gerry Beckley for the Beatles and specifically for George Harrison:

"Hats off to 'My Sweet Lord'. I was a huge fan of all the Beatles, but we knew George pretty well and I thought that was a wonderful intro."


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