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Plague Weaver Prepares An Unholy Crusade With “Nothing Is Sacred” Off Upcoming EP Out Feb 26th

Canada’s Plague Weaver embodies the frigid national landscape in their upcoming album “Ascendant Blasphemy” due to be unleashed in early 2021.


The first single from this formidable black metal act is the album opener, “Nothing Is Sacred”. This song starts off with a low-mid tempo, as it attempts to welcome the listener. The track quickly explodes into the verse sections with a faster tempo and more energetic vocals. The bridge introduces some extra guitar leads, and prepares the listener for the repetitive outro vocals, repeating the phrase ‘Nothing is Sacred. Let it be done.’ Plague Weaver shares their expectations for the record’s reception:


“We think fans who have heard the previous EP will enjoy this album. ‘Ascendant Blasphemy’ is an evolution, no doubt. Definitely more aggressive, and more riff-driven overall, without abandoning Plague Weaver’s doom-inspired roots on songs like ‘In Exitium Caeli’ and ‘..of Quivering Doves’.”


“Ascendant Blasphemy” is a sure shot in its musical direction. It’s a journey from start to finish that is not without its own heaps and valleys. Vocalist JC explains that the lyrics are a loose concept that follows a series of Satanic philosophies or questions considered from a Satanic perspective, illustrated to a loose fictional idea he has been throwing around for a while.


Punishing and grim, Plague Weaver is ideal for old school black metal fans and those who are particularly fond of  Dissection, Rotting Christ, and (old) Samael.


“Nothing Is Sacred” can be heard via its premiere on MetalInjection HERE.

The entirety of “Ascendant Blasphemy” will be revealed on February 26, 2021.

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Track Listing:

1. Nothing Is Sacred (5;24)
2. Lay Fire (4:34)
3. Blood Runs Not (4:17)
4. Seek To Betray (4:34)
5. Upheaval and Arson (5:29)
6. Of Quivering Doves (4:34)
7. Deicidal Usurper (4:37)
8. In Exitium Caeli (4:41)
Album Length: 38:12

More Info: 


Plague Weaver is a black/doom metal band hailing from Ontario, Canada. The band was birthed in 2018 as a solo project by RM whom released two EPs, 2019's self-titled debut and 2020's ‘Through the Sulphur Eyes’. Both releases displayed traditional black metal roots delivered through a modern, doom-inspired atmosphere.

Joined in 2020 with the addition of new vocalist JC taking care of lyrics and vocal arrangments, Plague Weaver started its next chapter as a duo and quickly began work on creating punishing, grim, riff-driven black metal for the next assault entitled 'Ascendant Blasphemy'. Set for release in 2021, their first full length is an evolution from its predecessors. More aggressive, and riff-driven but without abandoning Plague Weaver’s doom-inspired roots that can be heard on such tracks as ‘In Exitium Caeli’ and ‘..of Quivering Doves’. Overall, there’s a lot of musical variety across the new record, and a consistency to hold everything together, from start to finish. The album’s lyrics are a loose concept written by JC that follows a series of Satanic philosophies or questions considered from a Satanic perspective, illustrated to a loose fictional ideal. This album aims to invigorate and distress the listener.

"Ascendant Blasphemy" is due out February 2021.

- 30- 

“From the moaning leads to the slow lurching cadence and the deep monstrous roars, the opening of the title song sounds like the beginning of a death/doom track, but although that oppressive feeling of plague and decay persists, the band also pitch into fits of percussive mayhem, fevered riffing, and vocal madness, and they stitch flickering bits of guitar lunacy into the song as well.” – No Clean Singing (2020 Review -  Through The Sulfur Eyes)  

““Through The Sulfur Eyes” is a solid EP… the overall sound that is achieved is impressive… PLAGUE WEAVER has an interesting doom-like black metal sound that works well with layered deep and high-pitched vocals. I think fans of doom metal and black metal aficionados will appreciate this one.” 8/ 10 – Metal Temple (2020 Review -  Through The Sulfur Eyes)

"Through The Sulphur Eyes takes the best from Death, Black and Post Black and uses that metallic cocktail shaker from hell to greatest effect. The outcome is a fiery Extreme Metal piece that made us go for seconds a few times in a row. A true, blazing hot slab of alloy that will please the sturdiest of metalheads." - Rock Music Raider (2020 Review -  Through The Sulfur Eyes)

“breaking through to listeners in 2020 is a seriously steep hill to climb and bands have to either push the envelope, do something that can’t be found elsewhere, or just amaze and electrify with each release to grab attention and stay relevant. Plague Weaver do all that on Through the Sulphur Eyes and it’s up to you to show them how good a job they’ve done. What I’m saying is, go buy it. Now.” – Nine Circles (2020 Review -  Through The Sulfur Eyes)

“Through crawling malignancy is how Plague Weaver approach their art, and these songs are filled with grim mood and malevolent auras” - Indy Metal Vault

“There’s a darkness running throughout Through the Sulphur Eyes that is quite powerful… The riffs are weighty, drenched in a toxic malaise, yet also possessing the razor-sharp cutting edge of underground black metal. It’s a captivating combination, that moves forward at a steady, relentless pace. What really lingers though is a feeling of uncleanliness; this music is corrosive, carrying with it a taint of infection and, well, plague.” – The Sound Not The Word (2020 Review -  Through The Sulfur Eyes)


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