Monday, January 25, 2021

Press Release: The Glorious Dead unveil video for Into Lifeless Shrines!

The Glorious Dead have unveiled a video for the title track off of Into Lifeless Shrines!

Since live shows are still on lockdown, the band has taken to more of an online presence and hope to be taking part in a live stream/concert event later in February as well.

Until then, check out Into Lifeless Shrines! Kindly share the video!

The Glorious Dead - Into Lifeless Shrines

Video Information:
Director of Photography and Editing - Chris Fulton of FTV Productions

Camera Operator - Laverne Clewley

Traverse City State Hospital Filming Location - Daniel Stanton

Filmed at AV Studios in Traverse City, MI

Links below for merch in the US and Europe!
Bindrune Recordings | Website


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