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Rage In My Eyes - Quarantine Music Video “Winter Dream” (taken from band’s participation in the Roadie Crew Online Festival

For fans of Helloween, Symphony X, Iron Maiden



Album Title: Ice Cell
Release Date: August 14, 2019
Label: Self-Release
Distribution: Self-Release

Track Listing:
1. Winter Dream (4:46)
2. Surrounded By Black Mirrors (4:16)
3. Dive Deep (4:14)
4. Hole in the Shell (4:35)
5. Death Sleepers (5:02)
6. Inner Fate (3:45)
7. Blank (5:23)
8. The Core (3:39)
9. Soul Gatherer (4:19)
10. Burn The Throne! (4:43)
11. Draft of Illusions (5:03)
Album Length: 49:50


Album Credits:
• All songs performed by: Rage In My Eyes
• All songs written by: Rage In My Eyes
• Produced by: Magnus Wichmann
• Mixed by: Adair Daufembach at Daufembach Studios, Hollywood, CA, USA
• Mastered by: Adair Daufembach at Daufembach Studios, Hollywood, CA, USA
• Album Artwork by: Tiago Masseti

Album Band Line Up:
Jonathas Pozo – Vocals
Magnus Wichmann – Guitar
Leo Nunes – Guitar
Pedro Fauth – Bass
Francis Cassol – Drums
Special Guest on tracks 1, 4 & 5:
Matheus Kleber – Accordion
Special Guest on track 11: Vinícius Möller

Live Band Line Up:
Jonathas Pozo – Vocals
Magnus Wichmann – Guitar
Leo Nunes – Guitar
Pedro Fauth – Bass
Francis Cassol – Drums  

RAGE IN MY EYES is a heavy metal band from Brazil. The band’s first album was recorded in 2017 and 2018, partially in Los Angeles and partially in their native Porto Alegre, Brazil. For 17 years the band went under the name Scelerata, which had a huge history in the Brazilian heavy metal scenario. The band had three albums released worldwide, including the acclaimed album “The Sniper” – partially recorded in Germany, at the Blind Guardian studio – that featured guest appearances from Paul DiAnno (former Iron Maiden) and Andi Deris (Helloween).

Scelerata was also Paul DiAnno’s official Brazilian backing band from 2009 to 2014, playing 50+ shows with this heavy metal icon. With this huge background, the musicians are now aiming for the future. RAGE IN MY EYES introduces to the world a unique kind of music. Being from southern Brazil, the band shows a side of the country most people don’t know about. Blending heavy/prog metal with elements of milonga – which is a music genre from southern Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina – the band presents a never-heard metal before.

In the albums “Darkness and Light” (2006) and “Skeletons Domination” (2008) (released as Scelerata), the band had already inserted instruments such as accordion in their songs. Renowned gaucho musician Renato Borghetti recorded the harmonica on the band’s first album and accordionist Matheus Kléber was featured on the second album. In the new song, “Death Sleepers” there is again the participation of accordionist Matheus Kleber. This is a trend that should improve in the near future. This mix of styles occurs naturally, depending on the roots of the band. Magnus Wichmann, guitarist and composer of the band, is the grandson of the legendary gaucho musician Teixeirinha.

Guitarist Magnus Wichmann, the grandson of acclaimed Southern Brazilian folk musician Teixeirinha, highlights the arrangements of milonga and accordion present on the album: “In previous albums we had already added these elements and we saw that they combined very well with our style and compositions, and best of all, is that fans have approved these experiments. We want to present something new and, in the future, we will come up with more ideas.”

RAGE IN MY EYES’ new album, entitled “Ice Cell”, has just been made available on all digital platforms. “Ice Cell” was recorded between 2017 and 2018 in the cities of Los Angeles (USA) and Porto Alegre (Brazil) and was produced by Magnus Wichmann at Magneto Studio (Brazil) and Daufembach Studio (USA). It was mixed and mastered in Los Angeles by the renowned Brazilian producer Adair Daufembach. The cover was designed by Tiago Masseti, who has worked with Hibria, Luis Kalil and Daydream XI. According to the band, the graphic art seeks to show the mascot Sage in a darker mood: “We wanted to present a more realistic Sage, with a strong expression and at the same time that seemed marked by life; we brought him closer to us.”.
Drummer Francis Cassol’s recent move to the United States has helped the band strengthen relationships with producer Adair Daufembach. “Recording here in the US with Adair was an amazing experience. We have achieved impressive results in terms of sound, and I’m sure it will please our fans and metal fans in general.” Jonathas Pozo (vocals), Magnus Wichmann, and Leo Nunes (guitars), and Pedro Fauth (bass) keep the Brazilian base active and are setting the stage for the opening show for Iron Maiden on October 9 at Gremio Stadium in Porto Alegre.

“Ice Cell” is an independent release, initially out only on digital download and streaming platforms, as Jonathas Pozo explains: “We recently had a successful crowdfunding campaign that surpassed the goal and allowed us to make the ‘Death Sleepers’ video. We are looking into the possibility of a new campaign for a physical album distribution, offering different kits and packages to the fans.”

Artist Endorsements:
Drummer Francis Cassol is endorsed by: Paiste Cymbals, Aquarian Drumheads, Orbian Drums, C. Ibañez Drumsticks and Urbann Boards Drummer Shoes

Under new band name Rage In My Eyes:
2019 – Ice Cell
2020 – I Don`t Want To Say Goodbye (single, tribute to Andre Matos)  
Under previous band name Scelerata:
2006 – Darkness & Light
2008 – Skeletons Domination
2012 – The Sniper

Shared Stage with:
Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Kamelot, Gamma Ray, Angra, Edguy
Tour and Festivals:
2020 – Roadie Crew Online Festival
2020 – Bode Online Metal Fest
2019 – Opening for Iron Maiden – Porto Alegre, Brazil
2014 – Motorcycle Rock Cruise with Paul Di’anno as backing and opening band– 2 shows
2013 – Brazilian Tour with Paul Di’anno as backing and opening band – 12 shows
2011 – Brazilian Tour with Paul Di’anno as backing and opening band – 11 shows
2010 – Brazilian Tour with Paul Di’anno as backing and opening band – 19 shows
2009 – Brazilian Tour with Paul Di’anno a
s backing and opening band – 10 shows


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