Tuesday, January 26, 2021

RITUAL POSSESSION – SOLITUDE ( Review by Varg The Mighty )

Today’s review is of American Black Metal band Ritual Possession’s debut EP.

This release includes a classic dose of darkness and evil with interesting and obscure dissonances accompanied by a good vocal performance.

There is also a pretty curious drum style inherent to these songs that gives them some distinction, and while most tracks are short, they get the message well delivered. My highlights are “Beneath The Demon Moon” and “Wastelands Of Eternity”. The EP notably has a very good combination of slow and wicked parts with faster and more violent passages. A clear example of this would be “Embraced By Death”, that has a nice Tenebrae In Perpetuum feeling to it.

I recommend this album to fans of Black Metal. My rating is of 8/10.

Review by Varg The Mighty


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