Thursday, January 21, 2021

Roadwolf interview by Didac "Metallian" López

01 - Roadwolf is an Austrian band that has just released their critically acclaimed debut album, and today we have an interview with them about this very album, "Unchain The Wolf". How are you?


We are fine, thanks!
Times are hard for bands like us that define themselves over playing live shows regularly.

The album now having such an impact is more than we could ever have wished for!

Thanks alot for having us!


02 - What inspired the name of the band?

We wanted to have a name that is two syllables, so it's easy to shout at concerts, and we also loved how alot of our favorite bands used animals in their bands names - like WASP, Tygers of Pan Tang and so on, you know?
Also, it became a prominent theme in our lyrics, to set free the spirit of the wild animal that lives inside of everyone of us.


03 - The band has been on the scene for 10 years, you have released several demos and splits before recording this album.

Why did it take you so long to release a complete album?

There are several reasons:
First we had a lot of changes in our lineup regarding the second guitar player, and we never felt we were ready for the studio. When Franky joined in 2016 we chose to only continue with one guitarist and it was ultimately the best decision! The recordings and the mixing stage also had several delays and it all adds up - so here we are! After all, every little decision and change was important in the end - the album turned out great!

04 - How was the writing process for this album?


It's a collection of songs that were written over 10 years for sure - they all have different roots.
Sometimes we start off with a riff, sometimes with a drum beat - we build it up from there.
Some songs just had lyrics and we wrote some music around it.
Condemned To Rock for example was the other way round - it had a chorus, but no lyrics until the very day of the recording session haha!
There were songs that we really had to shorten for the album - picking the best parts so it really  became a song to listen and sing along to.  
Our producer Gregor Streng was of great help in achieving that kind of “listenability” so to say!


05 - In "Straight Out Of Hell" you remind me of Judas Priest and in "Roadwolf" of Saxon. These bands are some of yours

Yes, for sure. Judas Priest may be the biggest influence to us, we really love how they evolved and never wrote the same song twice. That's something that is very important to us too.
The album is not one riff, blown up to fill 45 minutes… it’s 10 songs that stand for themselves.
Funny, “Roadwolf'' was indeed Saxon-influenced - we had a short conversation with Biff Byford about this when we played in Wacken and we met the guys backstage.
He gave us his blessings :)


06 - What are your lyrics mainly based on and what inspired the album title?

The album title came with the song of the same name and describes what our lyrics mainly are based on: breaking free of your own chains, living your life without restraints, no holds barred, never to give up, freeing your inner animal that has been locked up and waiting far too long.

This is also reflected in the cover artwork of Bernie Luther, where the wolf bites its chains and breaks free.
Of course there are different lyrical themes too, like on “Straight Out Of Hell” or “Curse Of The Gypsy” and more.


07 - Do you hope to play live soon?
Yes of course - we want nothing more than to finally go on tour to promote our album live!

But we could not even play a release show until now.
We really can’t wait to play live again!

08 - How do you think it has evolved musically since your first demo?


It’s better, faster, tighter, musically better, better performed, better songwriting, better structures...

It can only be said that the music now sounds mature and complete.


09 - What bands from your country would you recommend us?


There are some great bands that formed in the wake of the “New wave of traditional Heavy Metal” movement - bands like “Liquid Steel”, “Kuenring”, “Venator”, “Red Machete” or “Wildhunt” are definitely worth listening to!
The scene is small - everybody knows each other.


10 - Do you conceive something of the Spanish Heavy Metal scene?


Yes, we know some really good bands from Spain, like Witchtower, Hitten and also Kramp who share the japanese label with us. We would love to go and play there soon!


11 - Are there any future plans besides this new album at the moment?

Yes, we are already writing for a second one, and we already got some great stuff up our sleeves! We also plan for some new merchandise and special stuff to be released in the next few months!

As soon as the whole pandemic is over, we surely want to tour as much as possible!


12 - Thanks for the interview, is there anything else you would like to add?


Stay heavy and safe - we’ll see you in front of the stage soon!

Iinterview by Didac "Metallian" López


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