Wednesday, January 6, 2021

SHAARK - Deathonation ( Thrash Metal/Czechia)

The thrash metal striking force SHAARK will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2021. 

In September 2019, after two fundamental SHAARK members Alex Nejezchleba and Zdeněk Pradlovský had left MASTER (U.S.) in which they spent 16 years, SHAARK announced its fully committed comeback to the scene. 

The band intends to confirm this comeback with the brand new material for a new CD  bearing the name Deathonation. We offer this material to you and kindly ask you to listen to it and consider whether it would be possible to release it on your label. Copy of this material is part of this package.    

The lyrical content points to nuisances of nowadays world such as slow disappearance of freedom, corruption, dope, cyber bullying etc.

CD Deathonation is Shaark´s 5th studio album. The 1st album named Sinn Fein was released in 1995, the 2nd named Propaganda was released in 1997, the 3rd was named Suicidal Society in 2000 and the last one released CD was named Again with Hatred in 2006.

Thank you very much for taking the time to assess the material we are sending you.

SHAARK - Deathonation



War of DollarsDemo1991  
A Trip to the Hell Demo 1992  
Demo Number Three Demo 1993  
Sinn Fein Full-length 1995  
Propaganda Full-length 1997  
Suicidal Society Full-length 2000  
Promo Demo 2002  
Again with Hatred Full-length 2006  
KultRock Sound # 9 Split 2007  



 Zdeněk Pradlovský     Drums
See also: Back to the Roots, Urschullum, ex-Death Strike, ex-Kreyson, ex-Master, ex-Vitacit, ex-Chaos in Head
Trachtulec     Guitars
See also: ex-Krabathor
Radek "Bája" Kutil     Bass (1991-present)
See also: ex-Krabathor
Ales "Alex 93" Nejezchleba     Guitars (1991-present)
See also: Urschullum, ex-Mamut, ex-Death Strike, ex-Master
Peroon 666     Vocals (2000-present)
See also: Barricade, Urschullum

SHAARK - Union of Pain - Lyrics Video 2020


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