Wednesday, January 27, 2021

SHINY DAGGERS - Devil Inside (EP) Emanzipation Productions Release: 19 March 2021

Blistering skies above the majestic landscapes in a cloud of misty woods, Shiny Daggers enter the unholy world of Nordic Metal. Fire souls, darkness unite, as the devil inside unlocks lurking spirits in a fascination of sexual lust and strangulation. 

Shiny Daggers sharpen its teeth and penetrate deep with bloodred hatred in a vicious battle to protect the values of Nordic Metal And Culture. 

Repeat again, again & again. Necro, Necro, Necro. Come to me in death, naked and wide open. Desecrate, and love your hate, don’t suffocate on your own fate. 

Come to me. Look at them kick. The devil inside. Every single one of us. 

To hell.....

Logo by Tørchel
Recorded by the True Lord
Mixed and mastered by Glock

March 19th the two-track 12" vinyl EP "Devil Inside". Released in red-swirl vinyl 12”, limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.

Line up:
Obesitus Shreddius: strings
Monachos: battery
Arkan The Black: keys
Galeopithecus: howls




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