Thursday, January 21, 2021

Skinning - "Homicidal Experimentations"

Label: Larvae Records + Nightfear Records
Formar: DIGITAL | CD

Homicidal Experimentations is the third full-length from Portuguese death metallers Skinning, an album that sees the bloodthirsty trio keeping pace with their fast and aggressive roots while exploring new elements as they evolve as musicians.
Homicidal Experimentations is filled with the bloodstained brutality of the 90s, delivering a coordinated portfolio of razor-sharp riffs, pounding drums, and a diverse, powerful and well-produced sound.

1 - Homicidal Experimentations
2 - Wrong Path
3 - The Gravedigger
4 - In Her Memory
5 - Sadistic Butcher
6 - The demon
7 - In The Hands Of God
8 - Destroyer Of Existence
9 - Blood Will Be Dropped

Vitor Lopes - Guitar, Vocals 
Luis Barroso - Drums

Homicidal Experimentations - full length album 2020 was recorded and produced in 2015 at the "Hanuman Studios" – Porto, Portugal. Produced, recorded and mastered by Bruno Silva and Skinning.



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