Friday, January 22, 2021

The book, ""Esa gran familia llamada heavy metal", now on sale!

Various reflections give rise to this new work by Ivan Allué Montilla. Halfway between a personal diary and a compilation of opinion articles, this book offers a particular point of view on the rock and metal scene that he is so passionate about.

Through these pages, the author speaks, knowingly, about the important work of concert promoters, record companies, media, musicians, cover artists, followers, haters ... in short, especially what concerns this great family called heavy metal.

With a certain aura of critical irony, Allué brings to the table such interesting topics as the price of fame, heavy metal as a culture and collective, sexism within the genre, social networks as a battlefield, amateurism in the media. communication, the repulsion towards tribute bands or the relationship that exists between freak culture and metal music, among many others.

All this accompanied by an extensive photographic gallery, by the author himself, and a series of illustrations that precede each of the chapters, without forgetting the prologue by the well-known singer Elisa C. Martin.

It's time to break away from the clichés!

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