Thursday, January 14, 2021

Tragedy In Hope - Sleep Paralysis (Russia)

Saint Petersburg (RU) - TRAGEDY IN HOPE are pleased to announce the band's forthcoming full-length debut album, Sleep Paralysis.

The story told in the album's lyrics is as gripping as it is chilling. Guitarist, vocalist, and composer Sasha Giller describes it as follows:

"The story you are going to hear isn’t only a trip across the dark dream world; it is also the story of fighting with yourself. It’s the story about how strong you can get once you accept yourself as you are.

The story of the album starts when the protagonist wakes up in a dream and goes to the mirror where he sees a twisted image of himself, the phantom monster of sleep paralysis. He escapes the place he found himself in, trying to run away from the bleak reality. He flies among white clouds trying to find a rainbow, but falls to the ground when thunderclouds and a storm come.

The world beneath the clouds is filled with rains and a piercing cold. To find a rainbow there seems to be impossible and the darkness slowly starts to swallow him as many others before.  He doesn’t give up chasing it, but the truth is, it is him, who is the phantom monster behind the mirror. He is just the mind projection of the true protagonist, who sleeps paralysed seeing nightmares. He tries to explain to the true protagonist that they are two parts of the whole one and only if they accept each other, they both will be able to escape the dark world they are stuck in.

But when sleep paralysis finally ends, a lucid dream starts again."



Sasha Giller – guitars and vocals
Alexander Dovgan’ – drums

Track Listing:

1.    Lucid dream
2.    The Celebration Of Despair And Woe
3.    Fighting With The Rain
4.    Winter Wedding Ceremony
5.    The Mistress Of Dark Art
6.    Nightmare Lullaby
7.    Insomnious Autumnal Night
8.    Sleep Paralysis


Back in 2017 a musician enthusiast Sasha Giller from Saint Petersburg, Russia started a metal band under the name of Tragedy In Hope. With the help of a drummer Alexander Dovgan’, Sasha has put out a few singles, a demo, and an EP album since the inception of the band.

Its music can be described as black metal based, but the members find this definition as rather limiting. In writing the music Sasha Giller tries to convey a certain emotion whether it is rational madness, airy heaviness or just, as strange as it may sound, happy sadness. One does not necessarily exclude another.

Album Credits:

The album is written by Sasha Giller. 

Mixing, mastering and producing by Vladimir Lehtinen. 

Guitars and vocals are recorded by Sasha Giller.

Drums are recorded by Alexander Dovgan’. 

Artworks by Alexander Moroz. 

CD design by Aleh Zielankievič. 

Photos by Egor Taktaev. 


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