Monday, February 15, 2021

ALIEN ROCKIN´EXPLOSION - “Paint it green” (Classic Rock / Spain)

ALIEN ROCKIN' EXPLOSION releases new lyric video – We A.R.E. Rock!!
The long-awaited day finally arrived! As you earthlings say: “good things come to those
who wait"… The alien-combo releases ‘WE A.R.E ROCK!!’, the first single of their
second album, and it comes together with an outstanding videoclip drawn and
animated by Leo Traverso (Leo Traverso Creative Art), artist from Andalucía (Spain)
that worked for important bands such as SNAKEYES, CHEROKEE, SEXAINE and AYRA
(among others). Leo also works for Canal Historia TV Channel in Spain.
A step forward in the unique style of the foursome, with improved sound and a brand
new image. Not to forget the appearance of Maschine Nitrox (from Wacken Open Air’s
Maschines Late Night Show) as special host:
Yes, my friends aliens, they came from stars straight to stages. They A.R.E. here to rock
and nothing will stop them so behold the best alien band in the world, The ALIEN
You want to see the final result of this meticulous work? Click here!
Album title, track-list and release date (via Lady Stone Records) will be announced very
soon. Stay tuned!
ALIEN ROCKIN’ EXPLOSION (A.R.E), the combo you can see playing in Maschine's Late
Night Show (Wacken Open Air, Full Metal Holidays), is much more than a rock band.
They are the perfect blend among music and sci-fi comics. An amazing intergalactic
story, the vital importance of its illustrations and the genuine sound that only greatest
bands have, are intermixed to create their own style: "Comics & Rock from outer
“We A.R.E here!!” (Rock Estatal Records, 2017) was A.R.E's debut album on planet
Earth. Nine hard’n'heavy songs full of cheerful and optimistic lyrics and an energetic
breath of fresh air.
"Alien Rockin' Explosion and the golden record" (Apache Libros, 2018) is an 80-page
full color comic that tells the story of these crazy aliens that came to planet Earth to
find out how to become Rock Stars. Lots of fun, adventure and a sincere tribute to rock

Red-Trysha: Singer 

Van Halien: Guitars and background vocals /

Tio-To: Bass

Mazzurg: Drums, percussion and background vocals.

Web A.R.E.:

Link to videoclip:!!

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