Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Curse of Eibon - Book Of Eibon



"Book of Eibon" is the debut EP from melodic death metal act Curse of Eibon. Follow the band down the road of madness and cosmic horrors and the occult. Strap down tight cause it's going to be one hell of a ride .

In 2020 the modern curse called covid19 drew four people from the north together to create the music. The mysteries and fascination of the occult and the things beyond gave birth to “Curse of Eibon”. The unstoppable force from beyond can't be tamed and they are the heralds of the great old ones waiting to invade our plane of existence. Raw death metal with chilling atmosphere and melodies are the hymn of the gods beyond.

Vocals: Fredrik Croona
Bass: Mathias Back
Drums: Anders Ström
Guitars: Martin Antonsson



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