Friday, February 19, 2021

Imperial Pilots releases "You're mine", music video addresses abusive relationships and refers to the raw reality from an artistic point of view



The alternative rock band, Imperial Pilots, has just released the music video for the song "You're mine”, the last track on the album “Imperial Pilots”, released in 2020 by Electric Funeral Records.

The third clip of the album, brings in the composition the theme about abusive relationships, where they show the control of the hands of the abuser over the victim, with movements of tension in the images, and excerpts similar to reading a book by Stephen King, putting in check the nightmare lived by many women, in a raw reality from an artistic and terrifying point of view.

Produced by the band itself, the video brings the free contribution of several artists who make their videos available on the network, where the band makes a point of thanking them with a message and giving the credits.

Formed by Joey Manzano (voice and guitar), Pedro Roquini (bass) and Alysson Bruno (drums), the band had a lot of prominence in the international underground and recently recorded Rock in Concert with the Orquestra Jovem de Guarulhos (Brazil), which will come out in a documentary about the event still in 2021.

Check it out "You're mine”:


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