Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Jane's Photo Calendar 2021 - 100 copies more printed (but thats it!)

Watch the video:
 Since then we had some urgent things to do - mainly packing the other 500+ orders at our webshop, because the person who worked there failed at their job and was fired…

But now that we have sorted out all of it, we printed 100 more of these amazing artwork calendars.

Its almost March now, so we definitely won’t be printing more - so lets see how fast these go 🙂

Grab yours here:



Delivery speed has improved significantly as compared to 2020. Judging by the latest orders sent out in February - we look at the tracking - most shipments to EU, UK and USA have already been delivered or are already in the country of destination. 
From those 500+ sent orders, it looks like the speed is 12-14 days for EU, UK and USA. We have not seen such speeds since before the lockdowns!! However, some countries are still closed and we can’t ship to those: Mexico, Brazil, New Caledonia and some others (the list changes all the time).
All shipments are coming out of Moscow, Russia. We are also working through the possibilities of establishing an EU fulfilment office in the Netherlands.

We also have a dedicated person - Yana - on our customer support, she replies all emails within 24 hours.
So if you have ANY questions about your orders (past or future), feel free to send an email to

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