Friday, February 5, 2021

Mary Rockings Rock & Roll band from Bilbao ( Spain)

Mary Rockings is a rock & roll band from Bilbao, formed at the end of 2018 by musicians from the Indomables split and the bands Inoiz and Ready aim fire, among others.
He presents the single of what will be his first self-titled studio album. Slowly macerated like good Bourbon and lovingly cared for every detail, every melody and betting on a rock & roll without too many flourishes or gadgets.
Recorded and produced at Pan-pot studios, by Alberto Macias in October 2020.
The album will have 7 direct cuts to the jugular, which will leave you wanting to listen to them again and again:
2-Nothing changes
3-believe me
4-Two wheels
5-Forbidden rhythms
7-See the light
Kepa arrillaga lead voice
Jaime Weaver guitar vocals
Iñigo Díaz de la Campa guitar vocals
Gotxi ibarra hammond
Jabi Vilumbrales bass
Inas Ruiz drums



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