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MATVEY is a Speed/Heavy Metal band oriented to the USA '80. Formed in 2007 in the city of
Rosario, province of Santa Fe (Argentina). Current formation: Pablo Podesta (voice),
Mariano Gauna (drums), Tomas Balbi (bass) and Diego De Santiago (guitars). The first
album was released in 2012 independently titled “Reinando entre Colinas” (“Reigning
Between Hills”) and then released in 2014 by Electric Punishment Records. Songs oriented to
epic metal and performed in Spanish have 10 interesting epic metal tracks based on Norse
mythology and in Spanish. In 2019 as new record material, single “Evil Force” and “Wild
Street” was presented this year on tour in Spain. Here the band takes a 360° turn and their
new material from now on is oriented to the American metal of the 80s linked to
heavy/speed and in this way there is a total reconversion of the band in the musical. This
material was produced by Thundersteel Recordings (Argentina). Now you can listen to the
most recent work titled “Burning streets” (2020), it was done independently at first. In
September 2020 they signed with Thundersteel Records of Spain for the edition of the new
material and the Metal On Metal Distribution (Spain) for distribution in Europe, North
America, Mexico and Japan. Exclusively distributed in South American territories by Dies Irae

Burning Streets:
01. I Can’t Stop /

 02. Illegal Life / 

03. Burning Streets / 

04. Just Tonight

05. Sinners / 

06. She is my sin / 

07. Fast and dirty / 

08. Revenge

(*) Bonus Tracks: 

09. Evil Forces (re-released) / 


10. The Masters (re-released)

11. Crying like a child (exclusive bonus track)
Thundersteel Records is a division of Metal On Metal Distribution
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