Wednesday, February 3, 2021


Today’s review is of Greek Stoner Metal band Motherfaster’s second album.

Starting off with the best song of the album (“Stash The Cash”) and not getting weaker with the next tracks, this album is really heavy and catchy. Combining great stony riffs with a Heavy Metal or sometimes Hard Rock feeling has produced a good result, with songs like “Abused In The Garden Of Love” not having almost a trace of common Stoner Metal.

Also, their atmosphere is well achieved with mostly instrumental songs and a great voice on the sung parts. The implementation of a harmonica in some songs is also quite innovative and results in something much better than expected. If you also add to this the nice solos that display a perfect synchronization of bass and guitar, you get this marvellous release. It is worthy to mention too that it concludes with a perfect metal adaptation of the classic folk song “Sinnerman”.

I recommend this album to fans of Stoner Metal, Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. My rating is of 9/10.

Review By Varg The Mighty. 


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