Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Native Alaskan/American Indigenous Black Metal One Man Black Metal DSBM

Aang, I am an Unangax̂ & ᏣᎳᎩᎣ ᎠᏰᏢ (Cherokee) Native Alaskan/American self disciplinary artist releasing a DSBM tape on 3/5. Composed and recorded in the month of the Cold Moon, finished in the month of the Bone Moon and planned release in the month of the Windy Moon. all on drum machine with programming, sound design and production done by the Assistant Spirit. Based on indigenous history of cave burial, mummification of tribal leaders and warriors, queer/trans two spirit people (Asegi Utsidhi or “those who have a strange heart)


ᎤᎦᎾᏍᏛ ⁠  Vol. 1

  1. Cold Moon Strange Heart
  2. Assistant Spirit
  3. Damp Fog Lingers...(cave after cave of trophied remains)

Dedicated to LAM, House of First Light, to victims of colonial settlerism’s on going genocide world wide including indigenous victims of suicide & two spirit peoples who hide to survive. 

Black Indigenous Solidarity forever

Fuck the state

@coldmoonstrangeheart on ig

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