Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Nematomorphos discuss their new release "Survive the Wasteland"

Portuguese thrash/death metallers Nematomorphos have published a video where Paulo and Rangel talk about their new EP "Survive the Wasteland".

Watch the video at this location:

Label: Self-Released

Format: CD | DIGITAL

Portuguese thrash/death metal outfit released in December their debut EP "Survive the Wasteland". This EP features 3 tracks where the band described their point of view about humankind.

"We take a brief look at Humankind's situation on this chaotic world we live in, where we are forced to survive by all means possible."

Lost cause?
Tortured Mind
Malevolent Kin

António Cardoso - guitar
Rangel Coutiño - vocals
Paulo Queirós - drums
'Dalton' Rodrigues - bass

Recorded at Blind & Lost Studios, produced, mixed and mastered by Guilhermino Martins.

Instagram: @nematomorphosofficial


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