Wednesday, February 17, 2021

‘Noise And Bile’ is the new death storm of Metal Against Coronavirus

‘Noise And Bile’ is the new death storm of Metal Against Coronavirus

The new single from Metal Against Coronavirus sweeps everything. To continue raising funds for the fight against the pandemic, the non-profit organization launches ‘Noise And Bile’, a sixth sweeping advance of pure death metal with a marked South American flavor.
To begin with, the trident to the voices is already a scandal: Kam Lee from Massacre, Rogga Johansson from Paganizer among others and Kike Valderrama from Headcrusher and Sol De Sangre squeeze the mike until he is shivering. Juancho Gómez de Masacre offers a devastating solo, while Jeronimo Alvarez de Cromlech and Sol De Sangre put guitar and bass at your service. Finally, Chalo Restrepo (Sol De Sangre) offers all his expertise to the drums.
The music and lyrics have been created by Sol De Sangre, and the song has been produced, recorded and mixed by Leonardo Sierra at Estudio Retro. Gustavo Adolfo has mastered it and has done an additional mix in Electricflows Solutions. Finally, the art has been made by Jácome Artworks and the lyric video has been in charge of Ms Motion Graphics.
‘Noise And Bile’ is a whirlwind that will leave you disheveled, and is now available on the official Metal Against Coronavirus Bandcamp.


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