Sunday, February 21, 2021

Northern Redemption🇸🇪 Swedish heavy metal

Northern Redemption the new Swedish heavy metal band formed by Thomas Furustig, present their new singles: “Spiritwalker” and “Pandemic”.

They were formed last year but its founder and great musician Thomas Furustig who has more than 10 years of experience in music decided to do this great new project.

"Spiritwalker" and "Pandemic" are his most recent singles and his album is about to be released.

Spiritwalker- talks about a healer who can speak and see dead people but against his will.

He uses his gift for good but the people around him only see witchcraft and spirits.

Pandemic - as its name says it speaks about what we are experiencing and the pandemic has affected us all.

Thomas Furustig -Guitar
Pontus Nilsson- Bass
Joakim (jocke) Lundqvist- Voice
Andreas Larsson- Guitar
Mattias Åström- Drums

Agency: Killsound Productions



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