Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Review of the new vinyl editions of Saxon by Javier Barba Vallejo

Some time ago I finished reissuing the first ten Saxon albums for the umpteenth time on CD, this time in the new edition made by the BMG label.
For me, a collection of cd's totally recommended for both die-hard fans and collectors, as well as for occasional fans of the band.
Edited in hardcover digipack de luxe with very interesting booklets with the lyrics of the songs and photos inside, a large number of extra themes on each cd, both b-sides of singles, long versions, demos, lives, unreleased songs ... . In short, songs that cost a lot to compile in full, my surprise that the edition of Crusader (1984) carried the unreleased song Living For The Weekend that I did not even know in all my years of collecting the band and all this at very low prices. very good (around € 7, these things are already very difficult to see !!!!)

After them I embarked on buying the reissues of the first ten albums released simultaneously by BMG to the vinyl CDs "Splatter" with different color prints in the composition of their vinyl material, which I have recently also finished.
I didn't really want to buy as many records again that I already have on vinyl several times each and spend € 250 on it, but having them with the prints and being a Saxon collector could .....
But here these already I do not see them as essential for all the public, first because their price is an average of € 25 without extra themes, the folders are like the originals, they have only doubled compared to the original that was simple the Innocence one Is No Excuse (1985) and Strong Arm Of The Law (1981) and Crusader (1984) that were already double covers in their original editions, they have only been modified very well with photos and the lyrics of the songs, the inserts of the discs and that's it, I think that for the price all the double covers or something else could have been done on each disc, either in graphic material or some extra theme and not only that price for the novel print.

The main attraction is its prints, personally I prefer those of Denim and Leather (1981) and The Eagle Has Landed (1982) although that goes to taste of course, I would say that these vinyl "Splatter" editions are valid for collectors of the band or for buyers on the whim of a specific print and little else because musically they do not offer anything new and by price the conventional black vinyl editions are cheaper.

Yes, when completing this collection, in stores, I had the great luck among my searches through the second-hand section in Discos Revolver to find the first direct of Saxon The Eagle Has Landed in the first German edition of 1982 that is for collecting very important because the eagle only in that edition looks to the right and in all the others to the left.
Maybe it will be a freak ... but having it is cool, you shit !!!!! LOL

And for my part I recommend how I always buy records in specialized stores and not in department stores or the Internet unless strictly necessary, we need to support small businesses and the self-employed.
Of the two collections, I only turned to the internet for Stong Arm Of The Law on vinyl because it is sold out in stores and almost on the internet because there are very few copies of this edition left, so if there is someone interested in it, wake up, please the rest I think there are no availability problems in any of them.

Review by Javier Barba Vallejo.


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