Tuesday, February 2, 2021

South german heavy/power metallers Aeonblack premiere new single "Warriors Call"

South german heavy/power metallers Aeonblack are set to release their second full-length "The Time Will Come" on February 26, 2021.


"The Time Will Come" features 11 tracks of  traditional heavy metal with powerful, raw and sophisticated arrangements.

Listen their first single "Warriors Call" at this location:

This track is not only available on Youtube, but also on all common download and streaming platforms.
Deezer: t.b.a.
Spotify: t.b.a.



Recorded in the Cube Studio in Lörrach, Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Magnum);

Mixed & mastered by Humble Studio in Karlsruhe (Sinner, Khymera, Primal Fear, a.o.)

01. Specter In Black  
02. I Won’t Think About Tomorrow 
03. 1999 Annihilation Overture 
04. The Time Will Come 
05. Warriors Call 
06. No Man’s Land 
07. The Phantom Of Pain 
08. Nightwalker  
09. Fire Wheels  
10. Raw, Loud And Furious  
11. When The Darkness Falls
MDD: (CD + Bundle)


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