Friday, February 5, 2021

“Stay To Sleep presents‘ Puppet ’with a new video clip, a surprise included in his next LP Blow A Wish "

If it could be said that Stay To Sleep has its dark side, it would be with this new song, 'Puppet', a walk through the hidden corners of the human being, an enjoyable journey into the depths of the feeling of loneliness in company, a review of the chains of social conditioning ... Puppet is darkness and liberation, and this video, designed and starring the members of the band, will not leave you indifferent. After this new single, there will be very little left for Stay To Sleep to publish its first full length, since it is scheduled for spring 2021. The band has received rave reviews from a large number of media, and has been generating a lot of expectation, being confirmed and claimed for several festivals (postponed by the Covid) and having been winners of the 2020 contest "New Andalusian Independent Scene".
“BLOW A WISH” will be composed of 9 tracks that range between Dream Pop, Shoegaze, space rock and 90’s. In this way, the band breathes their desire to see these bad times for live passes soon, and to be able to intensely develop their project that is not more of the same, because Stay To Sleep has a special magic, a different sound and a very powerful energy. Like his EP “Ethereal”, it has been recorded and mixed at Desert City Studio (Almería). Blow A Wish is the sonic confirmation of this promising band that, together with a forceful rhythm and spatial sounds, intertwines extrasensory textures and dream melodies, thus transmitting to the public a cocktail that makes them enjoy from beginning to end. STAY TO SLEEP are NoeGrimes (voice), Amara Baila (bass), A. Linares (drums), María Makia and Christ O. Rodrígues (Guitars, production).


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