Thursday, February 18, 2021

TORQUE "The Deep Between Two Souls"



PEDRO TORQUE (Voice), ION ANDRÉS (Guitars and Voices), MARIAN T. PAZO (Voice and Choirs),

MIRIAM TORQUE (Drums and Voices), JOHN C. BRAMLEY (Keyboards), ATTRACTIVO HERNÁNDEZ (Bass and Voices)


Torque is a hard-rock band formed in León, Spain.


The band arose at the beginning of 2017, when Pedro Torque (voice) and Jose American (guitar) decided to form a group to channel their passion for 80s rock. For this they recruit Míriam González (drums) and Vaiolet Rodríguez (bass).


During the first year they dedicate themselves to rehearsing and composing, preparing a repertoire with a good handful of their own songs and some recognized versions of the genre.


It is already in 2018 when the band begins to give its first concerts in the province of León with a good reception from the public, being accompanied on several occasions by Laura del Amo on the keyboards.


At the beginning of 2019 the group separates, and Pedro and Miriam decide to continue with the bet and look for new members. Some well-known musicians from the Leon scene pass through the group, such as Israel J. Amoriz (guitar), Alvaro González (bass and guitar) and Adrián Tucker (keyboards). But it is in June of that year when Torque begins to build what will be his final formation. Ion Andrés join on guitar and Attractive Hernández on bass, and they begin to outline what will be their debut album: “The Deep Between Two Souls”. With this line-up they even played in Lenzburg (Switzerland) on 11/30/19, along with their sister band “Fire Rose”.


Finally, Marián T. Pazo (voices) and John Bramley (keyboards) join the band, and in March 2020 the recording of "The Deep Between Two Souls" begins, which is produced by Alfredo Arold at "Arold Music Studio" , Vigo, Spain.


In December 2020 Torque signs for the label “The Fish Factory”, which will be in charge of the release of the album that has its official release on February 19, 2021

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