Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Vrademargk, new Blood Fire Death signing!

Vrademargk, new Blood Fire Death signing!

After several months working together in the shadows, we can finally announce that the Catalans Vrademargk are joining the Blood Fire Death family. It is a veteran band that we have always followed closely and with which we share the same way of doing and thinking, the same vision regarding our extreme underground. We couldn't be more satisfied with it!

Eight years after their last album, Jordi Urbano (voice), Rafael Ruíz (guitar), Germán Padierna (bass) and Manel Rodríguez (drums) are ready to deliver a fourth album worked until exhaustion, which represents a leap forward in all the senses and that will leave his followers speechless by the changes he presents.
In the next few days we will begin to reel off all the details of his new work, but don't worry either, because despite the news, they are all for the better and the link between the people of Egarenses and death metal remains close and non-negotiable.
Fans of Vidres A La Sang, Stained Blood, At The Gates, Behemoth or Carcass, very attentive because Vrademargk return stronger and more energetic than ever. Let's be clear: His next album is milk!



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