Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Firewing - "Resurrection" (Massacre Records)


 Us symphonic metallers Firewing release today their debut album "Resurrection" via Massacre Records.

FIREWING combines technical aspects of heavy metal with melodic orchestrations, and renews today's symphonic metal sound!
Their debut album "Resurrection" tells a story about the duality between two legendary mystical creatures that are the roots of life and the creation of all humankind.

The cover art of Resurrection was developed by Junki Sakuraba. The album will feature some guests: Haydée Irizarry (Aversed, Carnivora), Bill Hudson (NorthTale), and Jenn Sakura, among others.

The musical proposal of the band, which has musicians trained at the renowned Berklee College of Music, is to offer a fresh take to symphonic metal, by uniting the technique of heavy metal with melodic orchestrations. FireWing is formed by Airton Araujo (vocals), Chris Dovas (drums), Peter de Reyna (bass), Bruno Oliveira (guitar and orchestrations), and Caio Kehyayan (guitarist).

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