Tuesday, May 11, 2021

LETHARGUS - ECLECTIA Cover and Tracklist

ECLECTIA, new CD by Lethargus


Eclectia is the name of the second CD of the Progressive Metal band from Madrid.

Eclectia unites in 9 songs our ideas, influences, nuances ... and makes them part of a whole. In Eclectia you will find Progressive Metal songs seasoned with nuances of different styles, Jazz, Anime or even Gospel. It is, without a doubt, our most ambitious, most eclectic proposal.

The Eclectia design has been produced by Nat Enemede (Avalanch, Easy Rider, Arwen, Kamelot, Battle Beast), with Vanessa Galway as model.

The songs that you will find in Eclectia are:
  • Destino Cruel
  • A Vida o Muerte
  • Quiero Odiarte
  • Estrella Fugaz
  • La Noche Más Oscura
  • Marioneta de un Dios
  • Hacia Ningún Lugar
  • Más de Mil Años
  • Vivir un Sueño
It also has an indispensable collaboration in the song Estrella Fugaz. A voice of a band that is a fundamental pillar in some of the members of Lethargus.

Lethargus is an amalgamation of everything that Sergio, Miguel, Elena, Juanjo, Eduardo and César are. It is the combination of experiences, stories and styles as different as we are different. This new work, which you will be able to start listening to in June, brings together all these essences. It couldn't be called otherwise.

Do you want to hear Eclectia before anyone else? In the next few days we will reveal how you can do it.
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