Wednesday, July 21, 2021

MY HAVEN - Until

 Release date: Friday, August 6th 2021

Airplay Date: Tuesday, July 13th 2021


Wow! The first impression: Surprisingly fresh and a "wonderful and powerful" female voice. MY HAVEN convince inbetween only a few seconds . "Blood of hope", the opener for the album, goes into your veins and in your blood. What a song? Ok, by listening to many albums, the first song very often is the one and only good one.....not in the case of MY HAVEN. I don't know which song to name first. They are all extremely enjoyable. No fillers, just killers!


This means, the album contains one smashing song after the other. Melodic Metal at its very very best. So if you like perfect productions with fantastic vocals AND great songs you won't get out of your ears for the whole day, try MY HAVEN and the album "Until". In my opinion this band is the biggest hope of Rock in Finland!


1. Blood Of Hope
2. Art Of Letting Go
3. Found Not Forgotten
4. Slowest Death In Life
5. Beginning And The End
6. Day One
7. Bridges Burning
8. The Hell I Died For

9. Name Of The Game

10. Forever

Total Playing Time: 50:34 min


Teija Sotkasiira – vocals
Kimmo Pitkänen – guitars
Petteri Paukku – bass

Jan Hirvonen – drums, synth, FX


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