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DEFORMATORY Release New Video For “Deciphering The Archetype” Off “Inversion of the Unseen Horizon”

Deformatory originally started in 2009, but over time new members joined the ranks, and the original idea and songwriting evolved into what it is today helmed by Charlie Leduc (Guitars & Vocals) and Neil Grandy (Drums). This was the fertile soil to create a blend of death metal that was atypical and so it has continued to be. The new album, the band's third full-length, “Inversion of the Unseen Horizon” explores the origins of an alien race The Ce’naxors.

This concept album is nine, blistering, brutal tracks that continue where Deformatory’s 2016 album “Malediction” left off. The band explains the album and the single “Deciphering The Archetype” in their own words:

“The album tells us of how the Ce’naxors began and the ominous landscape of their home planet, Cyru’xil, revealing their Arkitekt’s grand scheme for multiversal decimation and atomical Consumption. The Unseen Horizon is their planet, their beings and their plan. The Inversion intimates it coming into view, from an otherwise hidden perspective. Through the single, witness the first glimpses of Xuul ‘Ka as it breaches the atmosphere, causing a whirlwind of meteorological events. Through the portal, the clouds dissipate, and Cyru’xil comes into view, along with the Grand Arkitekt, and the Cenaxors.”

Fans that are itching for more after this full-length won’t have too long to wait. Deformatory says they are already four songs deep into the new album, so listeners can expect more brutality sooner than they would hope for.

The lyric video for “Deciphering The Archetype” can be viewed and heard on SlamWorldWide - 

Recommended for fans of Hate Eternal, Cryptopsy, and Morbid Angel, “Inversion of the Unseen Horizon” was released on September 3rd and can be enjoyed on CD, Vinyl, Cassette and digital download at

Track Listing:
1. Within The Astral Abscess (5:20)
2. Behold, The Apex of Decay (4:36)
3. Enginieering The Wvrmhorde (4:39)

4. Summoning The Cosmic Devourer (7:13)
5. Masticated By An Infinite Shadow (4:30)
6. In The Embervoid Where Dead Stars Reign (3:52)

7. Deciphering The Archetype (3:53)
8. Impaled Upon The Carrionspire (5:01) (Classical guitar and solos by Jon Levasseur (ex-Cryptopsy))
9. Beyond The Abhorrence (4:13)
Album Length: 43:21

Album Band Line Up:
Charlie Leduc - Guitars & Vocals
Neil Grandy - Drums

For more info:

Deformatory is a death metal band from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Forming in 2010, they set out to create an extreme sound, fusing together classic influences (Cryptopsy, Morbid Angel, Suffocation, etc.) and their love for modern tech death. The result is a uniquely relentless blend of death metal that can only hail from the Northern hemisphere.

Deformatory independently released their full-length debut, “In The Wake of Pestilence”, in December of 2013. This pummeling 9-track debut has been exceptionally well-received by fans worldwide, and has been cited as being an “outstanding and monstrous debut album. Essential.” (Frank Rini – AllAboutTheRock, ex: Internal Bleeding), and “flawless in every way” (TheBloodShed).

Having shared the stage with bands like Cryptopsy, Napalm Death, Obscura, Beyond Creation, Gorod, Archspire, and Fuck The Facts, Deformatory is more than comfortable delivering their crushing brand of extreme metal to live, screaming, and sweaty audiences.

The band’s sophomore release, “Malediction”, was released worldwide via CDN Records in 2016, with additional singles “Once Upon the Cross” (Deicide cover), and “Myiasis” both in 2018. Since then, DEFORMATORY has been developing their 3rd full-length album entitled “Inversion of the Unseen Horizon”, which they plan to unveil in the Fall of 2021 as an independent release.

- 30 - 

"A maniacal riff-fest colliding with pulverizing drumming and grotesquely executed vocals, Impaled Upon The Carrionspire is a memorable journey into a modern death metal portal of chaos. This is beyond a brutal wall of sound; it’s an experience that hooks you in, and guides you through everything you can expect to hear on the new album." - Metal Injection

“Let’s cut to the chase: Imagine filling a syringe with unadulterated adrenaline, sticking it straight into your carotid artery, and jamming the plunger down with as much force as you can muster. That’s the effect of listening to Deformatory’s “Beyond the Abhorrence“. Driven by the mad weaponry of drummer Neil Grandy‘s almost relentless double-kick barrage and the rabid monstrosity of Charlie Leduc‘s cavernous bellowing, the song is a non-stop attack of mind-mutilating, pulse-pumping savagery. Leduc unleashes a plethora of macabre riffs and mutated leads, creating a multitude of frightening yet electrifying sensations, none of which are connected to a sane mind.” – No Clean Singing

""Summoning the Cosmic Devourer," being almost seven minutes long and just jam-packed with insanity, feels like it devoured other, lesser songs to become a terrifying megalith of riff after riff after riff. Dashing from one tempo to another with no warning, the song's askew progressions illustrate sneering triumph and cosmic indifference with punishingly clear double-bass work to keep the tempo firmly in the mortal plane. This vile ceremony of riffs is intense and immediate enough to warrant constant attention, but it also seems to ooze with discordant mystery—each jarring and jagged chord hints at a terror outside our understanding. " - Invisible Oranges

"those seeking the most brutal and battery ram-like extremity, Deformatory checks off all of the boxes that you’d like it to: strong musicianship and soloing, intense riffs and vocals, and just enough melody to keep it from going completely unhinged." - Dead Rhetoric

"Inversion Of The Unseen Horizon consolidates Deformatory’s position as one of the finest acts in the Canadian metal scene." - Heavy Music Headquarters
Jon Asher - Music Publicist


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