Wednesday, October 13, 2021


 BENOTHING "Temporal Bliss Surrealms"
(November 26th 2021)

Behold the ferocious display of the darkened, progressive, sinister and miasmatic death metal cruelty that BENOTHING have crafted for you and let yourself drown in the aural bliss that is temporal bliss surrealms!

The formation of the band dates back to 2017 when K.T and V.V teamed up to put together some musical ideas they had. in 2018 M.F joined the band on guitar/bass and the band evolved through a darker and complex songwriting. After roughly two years devoted to developing the songwriting process and with A.G joining the band in early 2019 the band was ready and aligned to channel their passion for the ancient and uncompromised manifestations of this morbid artistry and give finally birth to the first BENOTHING manifestation.
All the four tracks for the debut Ep were recorded live at rehearsal studio during summer 2020 and even though the recording consumed a lot of time because of the pandemic outburst and travel restrictions, nothing was more fitting for such bizarre times than to unfold the gates of their inner abyss and magnify the analog transmit death to execute the recordings for their debut EP "Temporal Bliss Surrealms". 100% DIY, recorded, mixed, and mastered by V.V and now ready to be unleashed upon this putrid earth!

For fans of:
Horrendous, Morbus Chron, Bedsore, Obliteration

Formats available:
- Tape
- Vinyl (in 2022)
- Digital

Technical info:
Code: SPIT064
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Napalm To Thy Face Prod.
All songs by K.T except "State of.." by K.T & M.F
Lyrics inlay by V.V
Arranged by Benothing
Guitar solos on "State Of Surreal Bliss" & "Stasis Hexis" by M.F
Soundscapes & backing vocals by V.V
Logo & cover art by K.T
Lyrics lettering by V.V
Photo by Lasse Laihola

M.F - bass
A.G - vocals
K.T - guitar
V.V - drums


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