Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Gonemage - Sudden Deluge


US post-black metal/chiptune entity Gonemage set to release sophomore album Sudden Deluge on November 19 - out via Xenoglossy Productions (EU), Big Money Cybergrind (US) and Red Truth Productions (Kazakhstan)

 [Text by the band]

"Sudden Deluge" is a continuation to "Mystical Extraction"'s story. Galimgim assumes the role of The Curator of an unnamed dream realm while developing an overzealous attachment to the power and allure of the paintbrush given to him. With the brush, he tries to create companionship and adventure through the summoning of pixelated creatures (animals, faeries, humans) but these manifestations have a short shelf life in these particular dream realms due to their mortal imprint. He feverishly continues to create them for the time being in order to help him stop the elusive and conniving Dust Merchant and in hope to aid his search for the original Curator across other realms.

In a battle of wit and magic, he successfully banishes the Dust Merchant from this realm into a waking reality, but in doing so the paintbrush's power slowly begins to corrupt his form: tendrils growing from his left hand, wing tips sharpening into blades, and more mutations yet to be seen. With newfound power and his ever-cycling creation of summonings, they gain the ability to venture outside the boundaries of this purview and further into dream space. Eventually, they find the original Curator in a purgatory-like dream realm known as Delirium.


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