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ALTARS "Ascetic Reflection"

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 ALTARS "Ascetic Reflection" (July 8th 2022)

Bear witness to 'Ascetic Reflection', the long awaited return of the Australian power-trio ALTARS.
In eight tracks spanning 40 minutes, the group bends Death Metal to its will in new transcendental forms. An evolution that reflects and expands upon the sound established by the group's critically acclaimed debut 'Paramnesia'.

'Ascetic Reflection’ is the long-awaited follow up to the bands debut — an evolution that reflects and expands upon the sound established by Paramnesia. Engineered, mixed and mastered entirely by the band themselves in January 2022 — Ascetic Reflection is an arcane and powerfully organic culmination of the renewed trio's efforts.
Adorned by a sweeping gatefold painting by Adam Burke, and a series of internal collages created by Derek Setzer, ‘Ascetic Reflection’ interrogates one’s perception of the self. The opposing halves of the work, each reflecting outward from its centre, form mirrors by which to measure humanity's true face — inverse views of its ouroboric cycles, mortal burdens, and futile lust for power, knowledge and the divine.

Enigmatic Australian Death Metal entity ALTARS rose sharply to prominence with the release of their 2013 debut ‘Paramnesia’ (Nuclear Winter Records/Blood Harvest). The record quickly drew widespread acclaim for the band's dynamic, forward thinking compositions — hearkening to the genre's forebears whilst carving a niche all their own.
After a premature halt, in part due to a debilitating illness affecting co-founding member Cale Schmidt (vocals and bass, see also Monomakh), ALTARS entered a long period of dormancy. Guitarist Lewis Fischer joined the ranks of Melbourne outfit Ignivomous, while drummer Alan Cadman entered the fold of Adelaide’s occult StarGazer. All the while, ‘Paramnesia’ continued to gain status as a cult classic and glimpse of the band's true potential.
After eight years of silence, 2021 saw a revived ALTARS announce its resurrection with the promise of a new full-length album, and then the recruitment of Brendan Sloan (Convulsing) to fill the void on bass and vocals — cementing the band as a force to be reckoned with once more.

2008 - "Self Titled" (Demo)
2009 - Split Ep w/ Tzun Tzu
2012 - "Engulfed" Split Ep w/ Heaving Heart
2013 - Paramnesia (Album)

For fans of:
Ulcerate, Gorguts, Portal, Dead Congregation

Formats available:
- CD
- Tape
- Vinyl (late 2022)
- Digital

Technical info:
Code: SPIT074
Ascetic Reflection was recorded and engineered by both Brendan Sloan and Lewis Fischer at Twin Earth Studios in Adelaide, Australia — January, 2022.
Mixed by Brendan Sloan and Lewis Fischer at their respective studios in Adelaide and Melbourne, Australia. Mastered by Brendan Sloan.
Additional vocals on Slouching Towards Gomorrah by Cale Schmidt.
Soma Labs Ether on Black Light Upon Us, slide guitar on Opening the Passage, bowed cymbal and Soma Labs Dvina on Inauspicious Prayer by Lewis Fischer.
Additional guitar leads on Opening the Passage by Brendan Sloan.
Cover art by Adam Burke.
Liner art by Derek Setzer.
Layout and graphic design by Lewis Fischer.
The Altars logo is drawn by Christophe Szpadjel.

Brendan Sloan - Vocals, Bass
Lewis Fisher - Guitar
Alan Cadman - Drums, Percussion



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