Friday, July 15, 2022

Antyra Poiema - Archaiai Istoriai ( Art Gates Records 29 April 2022 )


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Since their founding in 2006, Antyra have constantly pushed forward their own style which can be described as some kind of narrative epic metal with a big and rich musical variety. Heroicclean vocals and arrangements for three singers ring from their throats also dark growls and fierce screams.

Quietly elegiac parts, ice-black riffingwalls, heavy blast beats, fat rocking grooves and dashing solos give eachother metallic high fives. But the songwriting is not artificial or overlycomplex at any price, instead the musical originality comes from theband’s openness, their dedication and delight in all the genres of metaland dark music. Antyra are now about to unleash their next exciting project: two albums that deal with the mythical and historical abysses of ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt and Sumer. The first album, “Poiema" will be released via Art Gates Records in 2022.

David Thieme - Vocals, keyboards
Sebastian Thieme - Guitars, growls, vocals
Falk Mittenentzwei - Bass, screams, vocal
Kevin Winter - Drums



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