Friday, July 29, 2022

Oath Sc - "Hallowed Illusions"


Listen "Hallowed Illusions"

Artist: Oath Sc
Release title: Hallowed Illusions
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: 29-07-2022
Format: Digital, CD, Cassette
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: United Kingdom

Bedsit Symphonies
Stockholm Syndrome
Looking Back
Hallowed Illusions
Standing On The Edge Of The World
Take This Oath

Steven Waddell - all instruments and vocals

"Hallowed Illusions" is an album packed with lyrical fury, venting at the state of the world, and the injustices that are so prevalent in 2022. Lyrics as social commentary are what sets Oath Sc apart from the traditional heavy metal pack. You will still salivate over the gorgeous twin guitar harmonies and searing solos that have always been a Hallmark of the Oath sound. This release promises a little more variety, some songs being more Hard Rock than straight ahead HM, if you like the idea of Iron Maiden forming a side project punk band playing Journey songs then you're gonna love Hallowed Illusions!

For fans of Iron Maiden Thin Lizzy Haunt Seven Sisters Marillion



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