Friday, July 15, 2022

Void's Legion - Awakening The Collapse (Thornado Music 7 January 2022)

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Void's Legion borns in 2016 by their guitarists Eme & Brutal Mike with the project of making a band together. After a year looking for more talent to add to their line-up they found Victor, the perfect drummer for their vision. Keeping on with the talent search they found the perfect addings, Dyable as a bass and the frontman, the talented vocalist Defts. With Alex Cappa as a producer they released their first singles “Enter the Void” & “Behold the Human Race”. After this period, they changed their line-up with the new vocalist Carlos G. Hidalgo and they're ready to set the world on fire with their debut album “Awakening the Collapse”.

Carlos G. Hidalgo – Vocals
Eme - Guitars
Brutal Mike – Guitars
Dyable – Bass
Víctor – Drums


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