Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Korax Mvd relase new EP “Humo y Espejos”

On November 22, Korax Mvd release their second Ep: Smoke and Mirrors.

Korax's proposal is part of alternative rock, metal and industrial as well as other elements of dark music. The lyrics of “Humo y Espejos” are done in Spanish and are linked to a dystopian vision of the future and both social and personal relationships.
The band was formed by Natalia Arocena (vocals, guitars, bass) and André Goldman (synthesizers, samplers and programming) in Montevideo, Uruguay in 2020.
As for the sound, it is more aggressive and dynamic and consolidates a new stage of the band. The final mix and mastering of this Ep was done by Pablo Soñora at Montevideo Records.

This Ep consists of 4 songs, one of which (Artificial) had been presented as a preview in a single, also with remixed versions of it.

1) Lo que eras
2) Artificial
3) Mas allá
4) Cielo gris


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