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Israel's Twisted Mind Presents A Fiery New Brand of Happy Metal With New EP “From Slave To Prophet”

L- R - Lahav Zitiyat - Guitar, Oud, David Darash - Drums, Yanir Chmiel - Lead Vocals, Or Levy - Bass, Dan Saliman - Guitar, Bouzuki

Twisted Mind is an eclectic metal band influenced by a kaleidoscope of musicians that have inspired guitarist Dan Saliman, an Israeli musician of Yemenite and Moroccan-based heritage who grew up in a home where oriental music was frequently played. He formed the band in 2017 and in December, will have their debut album “From Slave To Prophet” ready to delight open-minded listeners around the world. The first single “Walked Through Hell”, captures the true essence of the band who shot the video in one night. They share their thoughts on the record and how they came up with the concept name:

This EP is all about our timeline from where we started back then at the beginning of the pandemic and through the war of getting rock and roll less stigmatic. We strive to be the ones who will break the glass ceiling of musical genres. We didn’t come from great money and wealth. We are warriors, fighting hard and aiming to become something bigger, something which will bring a “word”. And while we are on our way, we try to inspire people to fight for their beliefs, unite for a cause, open their minds to other points of view and create amazing things together which will maybe make the world a better place.”

Every member of Twisted Mind is a great believer in the power of music and its ability to bring different worlds and traditions together. They hope and aspire that the new mix of cultures and sounds in their music will break the invisible wall and crush the stigmas between the genres and their rigid rules. Overall, “From Slave To Prophet” is something, fresh, and different.

This modern Israeli and self dubbed 'Happy Metal' band is recommended for anyone looking for something intriguing, and also for fans of Metallica, Muse, and Dhafer Youssef. The official video for “Walked Through Hell” is out now and the EP comes out on December 9, 2022.

Music Video - “Walked Through Hell” -

EP pre-save link -

Track Listing:
1. Long Live Rock & Roll – 03:59
2. Burning Grounds – 04:49
3. Walked Through Hell – 03:52
4. Back Home – 06:25
5. From Slave to Prophet – 05:00
EP Length: 24:07

EP Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: Twisted Mind
• All songs written by: Twisted Mind
• Produced by: Omer Lempert
• Mixed by: Omer Lempert
• Mastered by: Maor Appelbaum
• EP Artwork by: Inbar Kassavi

EP Recording Line Up:
Lahav Zityat – Guitar +Oud
Assaf Tirosh – Bass
David Darash – Drums
Yanir Chmiel – Lead Vocals
Dan Saliman – Guitar + Bouzouki

Live Line Up:
Lahav Zityat – Guitar +Oud
Or Levy – Bass
David Darash – Drums
Yanir Chmiel – Lead Vocals
Dan Saliman – Guitar + Bouzouki

For more info: | | Spotify | Apple Music

About: The AOR rock/metal group Twisted Mind was founded in 2017 by Dan Saliman, an Israeli musician of a Yemenite & Moroccan-based heritage. Dan grew up in a home where oriental music was a Major part of his musical background

After a long process of creating a musical concept, Dan was joined by the other members, achieving this final line-up. The four joining members helped mold the sound, bringing their own styles, influences, and cultural heritage to Twisted Mind, thus creating a powerful combination of music that fuses the power and aggression of heavy metal, throughout the liberating energy of modern rock & roll.

And all this while using ethnical Middle Eastern music – emerging from their homeland and from the band members’ heritage and their own family ‘DNA’.Starting in San’aa –Yemen, through Istanbul – Turkey, passing through the deserts of Libya and traveling the long roads to a garage in Los Angeles.

- 30 -

“The first band to open the mosh pit in this festival were Twisted Mind, a great achievement for the new band in our local scene ”- Metalist Magazine

“This band sounds like a super tight and professional rhythm turbo unit, creating happy shredding rock with a middle eastern touch” –

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Crosson -- Ready Aim Rock (Galaxy Records Release: 9 September 2022)


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Crosson has the talent, songs, and, more importantly, the attitude to stand alongside the heavyweights of the genre and not look out of place." (Terry Craven – Velvet Thunder) (UK)  
If it’s fist-pumping, uplifting, catchy stadium rock anthems that you are looking for, then it’s time to turn it up to eleven as Aussie Theatrical Glam Rockers CROSSON return all-guns blazing, with their sixth studio album Ready, Aim… Rock !!  

Once again mixed by legendary U.S engineer/producer Duane Baron (Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue, Alice Cooper, Poison) and mastered by U.S mastering giant Dave Donnelly (Aerosmith, KISS, Whitesnake), Ready, Aim… Rock !! punches you in the face from the opening chords and erupts with ten infectiously catchy, highly addictive rock tunes.
Writer, vocalist, and producer Jason Crosson stated: ” ‘Ready Aim .. Rock !!’ is definitely the most sophisticated and mature CROSSON album to date. It still includes the catchy, stadium rock anthems that you’d expect, but being careful not to repeat ourselves and also grow musically, my admiration and respect for Jim Steinman ( writer for Meat Loaf / Bonnie Tyler) were channeled during the writing process which can be heard on songs like ‘United’,  ‘The Way It Is & ‘Love Is Endless’.
The album was tracked in Sydney at 3By3 Studios and introduces guitar virtuoso Marko Rado, whose solos will definitely raise eyebrows.  The band’s long-term live drummer Kyle Barr provides an explosive backbeat, whilst the Queen-esq backing harmonies will send chills down the listener’s spine.
The artwork was conceived by Jason Crosson and designed by internationally renowned concept artist and game designer Adam Kuczek whose film projects include major sci-fi features like 'Cloud Atlas' or 'Jupiter Ascending' and work for Warner Bros Pictures and Disney

Directed and edited by Lord Tim (Lord), the first video from the album, ‘United’, shows CROSSON in all their glory unleashing their electrifying, energetic, choreographed stage moves while showing the band’s history with archival footage.  The second video ‘Fallen From Grace’ depicts a horror movie setting with the CROSSON dancers appearing as fallen angels and casting their demonic spell over the band that transforms them into rock ‘n roll demons.  
CROSSON will commence their Australian National tour in October with Sweden’s Crashdiet and Australia’s Sisters Doll.  

“Rock will never die whilst there are bands like Crosson” (Adam Cox – Decibel Geek (CAN)

 Ready, Aim…. Rock !! comes crashing from the stratosphere on 9 September 2022.



Vidres A La Sang thrills us with the new video for 'Ara És Demà'

Vidres A La Sang thrills us with the new video for 'Ara És Demà'

Vidres A La Sang They continue to present singles from their latest album Fragments De L'Esdevenir, which we remember was published on July 1 through Abstract Emotions, Eternal Juggernaut Records, Negra Nit and Discos Macarras.

Masterfully directed by
Visualnoisebarcelona,the filming adds even more beauty to 'Ara És Demà', recognized as the "jewel in the crown of Fragments De L'Esdevenir" by the same Catalan extreme metal institution. “It is the song that best defines and stages the present, past and future of Vidres A La Sang”, continues the band. “A hymn and a hymn to hope once again sublimated by the poetry of the immortal Miquel Martí i Pol”.

“‘Ara És Demà’ is the song that ends Fragments De L’Esdevenir, which opens a new horizon of creative concerns, and which best represents our current musical values. Fundamental values ​​and more reinforced than ever in extreme, deep, poetic, visual, epic and experimental music”, the people from Egar are sincere to conclude.

Click on the screen to see the new video of Vidres A La Sang
On January 28, Vidres A La Sang will present their new album in Barcelona with Vrademargk and advance tickets are still on sale here:




SystemHouse33 - "Salvation"


Artist: SystemHouse33
Release title: Salvation
Label: Self-Released

Samron Jude
Gilroy Fernandes
Atish Thomas
Mayank Sharma

Indian metal band SYSTEMHOUSE33 have released the official music video for “Salvation”, which is the title track of their fourth full-length studio album released earlier in 2022.

The music video showcases frontman Samron Jude in a storyline where he comes face-to-face with a tough choice to deal with a past trauma that can change the course of his future.

SYSTEMHOUSE33 founding member and vocalist Samron Jude said, “When we wrote Salvation, it was a time of great uncertainty and hopelessness, we wanted to convey the message in a video where life is about “choices” you make dependant on the situations you’re faced with and the consequences of those actions.’

The video was shot in the UK and India and the track is produced by Samron Jude and mixed & mastered by Akash Sawant.


SystemHouse33 is currently on a massive European tour supporting Ektomorf and as the band is on the road to 20 years of existence, the tour lineup features the members who’ve worked on all the albums.

Jude added, “ We’re having a blast on this tour, it’s so good to have Gilroy (guitars), Atish (bass), Mayank (drums) and Akash (audio engineer) on this tour. We have all worked together on the SystemHouse33 albums over the years and now being on tour together, it has been great and we’ve been having a tremendous response.”

The band was among the first bands to tour Europe following the lifting of restrictions in March this year as they supported Nervosa and Burning Witches on the “Double the Metal 2022” tour.

Watch the smashing music video for SystemHouse33's Salvation here -

For fans of Pantera, Slayer, Machine Head, Devildriver, Lamb of God...

Follow the band:


REABILITATOR - "Mentally Defected"


REABILITATOR is a band from Zaporiyia (Ukraine), which plays fast old school Thrash Metal with lyrics about social problems. Formed in 2010 by drummer Prasolov to rehabilitate the Thrash Metal scene in Ukraine.
During 2012-2016 the band released two albums "Global Degeneration" (2012) & "Social Programming" (2016), and played lots of live shows. In 2018 REABILITATOR recorded the first video clip "Thrash Way of Life" and played it open air in Bulgaria. After several changes of guitarists,
SF remains in the band.

In 2020-2022 REABILITATOR released singles "Save Me God", "They Try", "Man Against Man" and finished the recording of their third album "Mentally Defected". Then in late summer 2022, the band signed to Xtreem Music for the release of this album in November of the same year.

Dmytro Prasolov - Drums/vocals
Oleksii Novikov (Crazymetalliman) – Bass
Andriy Narolskyi (SF) – Guitar

Tracklist for "Mentally Defected" is as follows:

01. R.I.P. (Die In Agony)
02. Mentally Defected
03. Incineration
04. Holy Lies
05. Deadly Infection
06. Annihilation By Vaccination
07. Absolute Cruelty
08. Thrash Way of Life
09. Revolution



"Saudade", segundo álbum de estudio de ADVENTUS

:: Haz clic en la imagen para escuchar "Saudade" en YouTube ::


Hoy se publica Saudade, un disco en el que la producción del disco fue realizada nuevamente a cargo de Manuel Ramil en su estudio Tercera Planta (Galicia), quien también se se encargó de la mezcla y masterización del mismo. De la portada y diseño se encargó una vez más Daniel Alonso, que fue el encargado de plasmar en imágenes, toda la atmósfera musical y el universo sonoro que compone el disco.



1. Saudade

2. Lo Siento

3. Llorar No Sirve De Nada

4. Mi Respuesta

5. Fundirme Con El Viento

6. Renunciar Al Sol

7. Casi Sin Querer

8. Vulnerable

9. Dime

10. Aprendiendo A Caminar


:: Haz clic en la imagen para ver el videoclip de "Renunciar Al Sol" en YouTube ::


:: Haz clic en la imagen para ver el videoclip de "Llorar no sirve de Nada" ::





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