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Get ready for some raw and mind-blowing Extreme Metal illustrating the ugliness of this world in the upcoming sonic masterpiece! ILLT drops their debut single titled“Scythian King”, and you can listen to it here:


ILLT is the alter ego of Norwegian composer and guitarist Roy Westad. It’s an uncompromising sandbox and a culmination of decades of passion and love for extreme metal as an art form. His debut album features session musicians fromMegadeth, Soilwork, Chrome Division and Nile. The album was mixed by Kurt Ballou @ Godcity and mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Alan Douches.


 ILLT has commented: «Scythian King is about warfare in the dark ages (the previous period, not the one we're heading into now), and how man's intolerance, fear, constant all-consuming greed and self-interest has brutally shaped the world over thousands of years. I had great fun writing a song with swords in it without actually having to pose with one.»




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DRAGONY Presents New Single & Glorious Official Video for “Legends Never Die”


DRAGONY Reveals Third Single & Official Video for Rousing Power Metal Anthem, “Legends Never Die” | Watch HERE!

New Album, Viribus Unitis, out this Friday, January 15 via Napalm Records | Pre-Order NOW!
[photo credit: Dominik Izaquiel Tomé]
“We will stand and fight together
Ride until the storm is weathered
No one lives forever
But Legends Never Die
Austrian symphonic power metal heroes DRAGONY are about to release their epic new fulllength, Viribus Unitis, this Friday, January 15 via Napalm Records, and today, unveil their third single, “Legends Never Die”. Prepare for “the most Austrian metal album of all time” (, as we return to the days when the country was ruled by emperor Franz Joseph and his wife, empress Sisi. But forget everything you’ve heard and read so far! According to DRAGONY and their upcoming opus Viribus Unitis, history took a completely different turn.

After setting the stage with their first offering, “Gods Of War”, featuring special guest songwriter Tommy Johansson (SABATON) and Tomas Svedin (SYMPHONY OF TRAGEDY), followed by glory metal hymn “Golden Dawn”, DRAGONY now unveil their third single, “Legends Never Die”: History is (re-)written in this contemporary-sounding closer! With its catchy chorus, everything is set for the grand finale. Along with rapid riffing and keys on point, the song serves as an epilogue to the story of Viribus Unitis, looking at the way the legends of the Habsburg rulers were created and have been adapted and re-told throughout the years.

Singer Siegfried Samer on “Legends Never Die”: 
"Legends Never Die" can be regarded as the epilogue to the storyline of Viribus Unitis, that culminates in the final, epic battle in the song "Battle Royale".

In "Legends Never Die", we take a step back to look at the story we just told from an outside perspective, and remind ourselves and the listener that eventually, most history can be turned into "just a story", and that even though all empires fall one day, all men must die, and all times - good and bad - must pass, at the end of the day, the memories of those persons and events that influenced us, regardless of whether it was through politics, through philosophy, through music, literature or through other forms of art, will always stay with us and are thus immortalized; and that the stories that may be told about these legendary persons and events, just like these "legends" themselves, never truly die.”
Follow DRAGONY on this spectacular historic ride and watch the official video for “Legends Never Die” HERE:
“DRAGONY united their forces, twisted history
and with power metal they rule the world!”
 (Rock Hard SK/CZ)
Founded in 2007 and after releasing three studio records, DRAGONY returns to its rock opera roots on their brand new output. On Viribus Unitis the Austrian-based unit unveils what really happened at the time of the last Habsburg ruler of Austria, emperor Franz Joseph, his wife, empress Sisi, and their son, the troubled Archduke Rudolf.

Let’s clear the assumption that Rudolph died after trying to take his life at castle Mayerling in 1889. No way! Instead, after his mother Sisi is assassinated in 1898 in Switzerland, he subsequently gets in contact with dark powers which, driven by his desire to be with her again, make him turn to black magic and demonology. Now history takes its true course. There are not only zombies and cyberpunks lurking – DRAGONY also managed to prove further entanglements of well-known personalities you could never imagine…

For the exciting adventure cemented in their upcoming album, DRAGONY are supported by well-known colleagues like Tommy Johansson (SABATON, MAJESTICA, SYMPHONY OF TRAGEDY), Tomas Svedin (SYMPHONY OF TRAGEDY), Michele Guaitoli (VISIONS OF ATLANTIS) and Georg Neuhauser (SERENITY) - just to name a few. Mixing and mastering on Viribus Unitis was handled by Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann of ORDEN OGAN in his Greenman Studios in Germany.

Siegfried Samer on the new album, Viribus Unitis: 
"Viribus Unitis marks both a return to our musical roots as well as a next step into the future for DRAGONY, as we are returning to a "rock opera concept" album similar to our debut Legends, but at the same time, we have evolved musically and are delivering what we consider our heaviest and most diverse album to date. And even though we are taking a bit of a creative approach with the source material, the concept story of the album is deeply intertwined with the history of Austria and in particular with the end of the Habsburg monarchy, which is often romanticized in Austria and ingrained in our collective consciousness. We are therefore thrilled to be able to release this very special album on an Austrian label, Napalm Records, and hope that both old and new fans of DRAGONY will enjoy the brand new songs!”

Could DRAGONY’s rewriting of history mark a new revelation of hidden truths previously shrouded in fantasy? Only Viribus Unitis tells all!
Grab Your Copy of Viribus Unitis HERE:
VAN CANTO's Inga Scharf about the new album, Viribus Unitis: 
"With Viribus Unitis, DRAGONY have delivered an album with expressive and melodically rousing songs. Power, melodies and catchy riffs - a history lesson of a very special kind that catches your ears incredibly quickly and stays there. And best of all: every time you listen to it again, you discover your next favorite song."

SABATON’s Tommy Johansson on his appearance as guest songwriter on
“Gods Of War”: 

“What DRAGONY did to ‘Gods of War’ is far beyond what I could have expected it to turn out when this song was written. How they play and sing this song is just glorious! It’s so powerful and you can sing along to the chorus right away. I’m happy and honored I got to be a part of DRAGONY, and the song suits well to the rest of this epic album!
Viribus Unitis tracklist: 
1. On the Blue Danube
2. Gods of War
3. Love You to Death
4. Magic
5. Darkness Within
6. A.E.I.O.U.
7. Viribus Unitis
8. Golden Dawn
9. Made of Metal (Cyberpunk Joseph)
10. Battle Royale
11. Legends Never Die
12. Haben Sie Wien schon bei Nacht geseh'n

Viribus Unitis will be available in the following formats: 
- 4 Page Digipack
- LP Gatefold RED Transparent
- 4 Page Digipack + Shirt
- Digital Album
[4 Page Digipac + Shirt, Napalm Records Shop Only]
Frederic Brünner - Drums
Herbert Glos - Bass
Manuel Hartleb - Keyboards
Andreas Poppernitsch - Guitars
Simon Saito - Guitars
Siegfried Samer - Vocals

Connect with DRAGONY online:

GOLGOTHA: new video for "Don't Waste Your Life"

                              GOLGOTHA: new video for "Don't Waste Your Life"


Legendary spanish doom metallers GOLGOTHA, just released a new video for the song "Don't Waste Your Life" taken from their upcoming EP "Remembering the Past - Writing the Future", to be released on March 2nd, 2021 through Xtreem Music.


You can watch the video at this location:


"Remembering the Past - Writing the Future" is the band's first release after the new addition of Samuel Morales (ex-HELEVORN) on second guitar and features the new song "Don't Waste Your Life", 4 re-recorded tracks from previous works, where they have been given a more current touch. Produced by Miguel Angel Riutort "Mega", at the Psychosomatic Recording Studio.




  1. Don't Waste Your Life
  2. Helpless (2020)
  3. I Am Lost (2020)
  4. Elemental Changes (2020)
  5. Lonely (2020)


TOXIC YOUTH release new album after 24 years!

"BACK TO YOU-TH" features 12 tracks of Hardcore Punk Thrash with TOXIC SOUND!

Italian band TOXIC YOUTH is back with a new kick ass album 'BACK TO YOU-TH’. Pulls no punches and proves beyond any doubt that the band haven’t lost their knack for aggressive, breakneck riffs and relentless punk anthemics, with a Toxic Twist. 

Limited to 300 units, hand numerated digipack ,18 booklet pages. Out via WTFRecords & Distro.

For fans of Hardcore Punk, Agnostic Front, Suicidal Tendencies, DRI...



Finnish Melodic Hard Rock band Jo Below released a first single from their upcoming second EP!

Promo pic by: Sami Heiniö 
Helsinki-based rock group Jo Below have released the first single from their upcoming second EP ”No Control” which is set to be released on April 16th 2021 by Inverse Records. The EP-opener ”Ms. Death” is an anthemic, arena-ready hard rock song, that will make your head bang and feet move.

Listen to Ms. Death single:
Apple Music: 
Formed in 2017, Jo Below are a four-piece melodic hard rock group consisting of frontwoman Johanna Kari, guitarist Roni Seppänen, bassist Jonne Lindqvist and drummer Olli Vartiainen. The group combines traditional hard rock sounds with modern influences, calling their style of music ’modern classic rock’.
Pre-save No Control EP to your Spotify playlist: 
Track list:
1. Ms. Death
2. Where Are You Now?
3. Another Dimension
4. I Confess
5. No Control

Cover art by: Olli Vartiainen  
Johanna Kari - vox
Roni Seppänen - gtr
Jonne Lindqvist - bass
Olli Vartiainen - drs


Tuesday, January 12, 2021

In Memory of Megaforce Co Founder Marsha Zazula

The world of music owes a debt of gratitude to Marsha Zazula, who along with her husband Jon gave birth to some of the most musically significant artists. Marsha was one of a kind and taught the world to be fiercely independent. Megaforce and our artists will never forget her. In our hearts, she will always be a guiding force.


Immortal Guardian Posts Video Cover Collaboration of “Into The Pit” (Fight/Rob Halford) w/ Metal Mike Chlasciak (Halford, Sebastian Bach, Testament, Pain Museum) and Leandro Caçoilo (Viper, Eterna, Seventh Seal, HardShine, Dirty Dogs, Caravellus)

Gabriel Guardian (Guitars/Keyboards)
Carlos Zema (Vocals)
Joshua Lopez (Bass)
Justin Piedimonte (Drums)

For fans of  Iron Maiden, Helloween, Symphony X, Kamelot, Marty Friedman, Dragonforce

Immortal Guardian Posts Video Cover Collaboration of "Into The Pit" (Fight/Rob Halford)

w/ Metal Mike Chlasciak (Halford, Sebastian Bach, Testament, Pain Museum)
and Leandro Caçoilo (Viper, Eterna, Seventh Seal, HardShine, Dirty Dogs, Caravellus)

Progressive/Power Metal Quartet Immortal Guardian's Concept Album "Psychosomatic" Out February 12, 2021
via M-Theory Audio

The first of many Immortal Guardian collaboration covers, this is the band's version of the classic song "Into The Pit" by Rob Halford's band FIGHT. For the cover video, Immortal Guardian collaborated with Metal Mike Chlasciak (Halford, Sebastian Bach, Testament, Pain Museum) and Leandro Caçoilo (Viper, Eterna, Seventh Seal, HardShine, Dirty Dogs, Caravellus).

"This is the first of many covers, so let us know what you would like to hear next and who you would want us to collaborate next!"

Watch the video on YouTube HERE.

Cover Video Line-up:
Immortal Guardian: Carlos Zema - Vocals, Gabriel Guardian - Guitar/Keys, Joshua Lopez - Bass, Justin Piedimonte - Drums
Special guests: Metal Mike Chlasciak - Guitar, Leandro Caçoilo - Vocals

After winning over new audiences with their acclaimed 2018 debut full-length “Age of Revolution” and touring relentlessly alongside fellow shredders such as Marty Friedman, Powerglove, and Exmortus, IMMORTAL GUARDIAN gathered in Las Vegas last year to begin recording their second album. As the spread of COVID-19 and the subsequent pandemic began to ensue, each member of the band retreated to their respective hometowns. With shutdowns around the world being enforced, the band completely scrapped the record that they had been working on and were heavily inspired to write and create a new thematic record about their emotions surrounding current events.

“Psychosomatic” is a product of the extraordinary events of 2020. The result is a truly multi-national record, with guitarist/keyboardist Gabriel Guardian remaining in Las Vegas, vocalist Carlos Zema recording his vocals from his home in Brazil, new drummer Justin Piedimonte joining the band from his hometown in Montreal, Canada, and new bassist Joshua Lopez remaining in IMMORTAL GUARDIAN's native Texas.

The group, founded by Gabriel Guardian, whose uncanny ability to play guitar and keyboard simultaneously has been showcased on MTV's “Amazingness” along with his unique dual-instrument covers of classics by the likes of Iron Maiden, Pantera, and Guns N' Roses have garnered hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and have been built upon the band's following through multiple self-released EPs before signing with M-Theory Audio for the 2018 release of their first full-length record, “Age of Revolution”. The band has also performed live alongside some of the biggest names in metal, including Judas Priest, Dragonforce, Kamelot, Symphony X, Sonata Arctica, Slayer, Metal Church, Soilwork and Steve Vai, and in countries such as Brazil and Russia, and during high-profile performances at ESPN's X Games, South By Southwest and the Fun Fun Fun Fest.

“Psychosomatic” is the next step in IMMORTAL GUARDIAN’s evolution while still capturing the band’s exhilarating trademark melding of melodic power metal with progressive/shred tendencies.

Digital pre-save, CD and limited-edition purple vinyl pre-orders for “Psychosomatic”, which will be released by M-Theory Audio on February 12, 2021 are available now at

First Single - "Read Between The Lines" - YouTube (Lyric Video)
Second Single - “Lockdown” - YouTube (Music Video)

Track Listing:
1. Psychosomatic (5:33)
2. Read Between The Lines (6:01)
3. Lockdown (4:12)
4. Phobia (6:13)
5. Clocks (5:12)
6. Self-Isolation (0:39)
7. Goodbye To Farewells (5:50)
8. Candlelight (5:24)
9. Find A Reason (7:00)
10. New Day Rising (5:56)
Album Length: 52:06

Album cover art by Nathalia Suellen (Secret Sphere, Almah, Dark Moor).