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New Video: ZaRRaZa - "More Than Hate" - (Extreme Metal)

For fans of Blood Incantation, Slugdge, Irreversible Mechanism

The hungry and half-forgotten gods of mosh-pits should be pleased with it! Living sacrifice performed at high speed with a couple of breakdowns, lavish cuffs, and body mess - a reminder of the pre-lockdown rituals we look forward to reviving...

ZARRAZA is an extreme metal band from Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Watch the new Zarraza video "More Than Hate" from their first full-length album " Necroshiva " which received positive and great reviews from magazines METAL HAMMER and LEGACY , MetalSucks , AngryMetalGuy , Invisible Oranges , NoCleanSinging , etc.

Check out the latest video below:

The video filmed by Nikita Cherevko. Edited by Nikita Cherevko and Nick Khalabuzar.

Zarraza line-up in the video:
Nick Khalabuzar - voice and guitar
Daniyar Aktaev - guitar
Alexander Filatov - bass
Ruslan Konon - drums

They have played shows with EKTOMORF , ARKONA and TYR!

They were approved as a support act for SEPULTURA at Kuturgan Fest 2019 (April

You can follow the band at these links:


New Video: Grizzle - Fascism - (Hard Core)

For fans of Hatebreed, Biohazard, DANFORTH

Out Feb 26th 2021 - Out of the 90’s comes the Punk and Metallic Hardcore madness within NJ/NYC scene..

Formed by this Duo Clint Listing- Vocals & Guitars ( Sulkweed , Long Winters Stare , As All Die , Until the Sky Dies & Magni ) and Jason Mills- Drums & Backing Vocals ( Thirsty Cows ) They performed all over NJ/NYC and did a East coast tour performing with Today Is The Day ( Amrep/Relaps e) and Cavity ( Hydra Head Records ). Originally released on long defunct label J-bird Records (CD only).

This now has a second life via Dead Games Records through Bandcamp and All Streaming/ Digital Platforms ( Spotify, Youtube, Apple, Amazon, Tidal and Pandora)
Watch the new video for "Fascism" 


Danish Melodic Death Metal band SYLVATICA set to release new album

Danish Melodic Death Metal band SYLVATICA set to release new album

The new album by Danish Melodic Folk Death Metal band Sylvatica, "Ashes And Snow"!
A Pest Records co-release with Satanath Records (Russia)

Listen & pre-order:

Danish Melodic Folk Death Metal band SYLVATICA present their second full-length album "Ashes and Snow"! The album contains a solid intro and six meticulously crafted tracks that exude the artists' love of the genre. Prepare yourself for melodic and catchy epicness packed with sweeping guitar solos and punchy rhythms that will make you feel as if you were shredding guitar high above on a frozen mountain peak! "Ashes and Snow" is sure to impress fans of bands such as Wintersun, Kalmah, Ensiferum and Children of Bodom. Cover art by Pierre-Alain (3mmi Design - Band photo by Peter Hesselø (


01. Daybreak
02. Ashes And Snow
03. Pillars Of Light
04. Creation
05. Cosmic Strings
06. Helios
07. Halls Of Extinction

Sylvatica was formed in 2009 in the first capital of Denmark, Nyborg. Today the band represents all the major regions of the Danish kingdom: Jutland, Funen and Zealand. At its core, Sylvatica is a Melodic Extreme Metal act which draws inspiration from Folk Metal and Symphonic Metal. The music is in the style of Wintersun and Kalmah and has been described as a mix of the two. In 2014 Sylvatica released their critically acclaimed debut album "Evil Seeds" and are now ready to release their second full-length album entitled "Ashes and Snow". This album is their most refined material to date and marks a new era of the band. Lyrically, the album meddles in apocalyptic themes, misanthropy, and cosmology and paints a picture of the fragile nature of our civilization.


Jardén Schlesinger - lead guitar, vocals
Christian Christiansen - guitar
Jacques Harm Brandt Hauge - drums
Thomas Rysgaard Haxen - bass, backing vocals



BLOODRUST – BURNING OF AEONS (Review by Varg The Mighty )

Today’s review is of British One-Man Death Metal band Bloodrust’s new album.

This album features the particular English kind of Death Metal in its most classic way, with slightly slower songs, violent and catchy riffs and tints of darkness that rarely appear in other kinds of Death Metal.

This album is quite old-school and reminds highly of Bolt Thrower or Benediction in some ways, although it also has its uniqueness. All instruments are really well combined and have been composed with a lot of talent, but perhaps those incredible guitar solos are the most outstanding. The tracks I personally highlight are “Jackals”, “Once Called Brother” and “In Blood I Dream”. This release is quite dynamic and every song has its own slightly different atmosphere.

I recommend this album to fans of Death Metal. My rating is of 9/10.

 Review by Varg The Mighty



Now on sale Roi-De-Rats, the heartbreaking first album by the Råtten blackers

This past Sunday the 21st, Roi-De-Rats, the self-destructive first exercise of the black metal band Råtten, went on sale. Raw and desperate, the French trio's debut feature writhes in howls of agony and anguish, reflecting on the enslaving and eternal control of a decrepit elite over the weakest and most disadvantaged.

Formed in 2019 with members of Deveikuth or Djabah, the tortured Råtten also present some doom and crust punk, starting from Darkthrone until reaching other groups such as Aura Noir, Craft or Arnaut Pavle. A certain psychedelic and dissonant aftertaste can sometimes even recall Oranssi Pazuzu.
Limited to 150 copies, Roi-De-Rats has been released on CD digipack by the Catalan label Negra Nit, with whom Blood Fire Death recently signed an agreement to promote their upcoming releases.
Get your copy of Roi-De-Rats and his t-shirt through this
Listen to the full album on Råtten's Bandcamp:
Listen to the single 'Catharsis' on YouTube
Facebook Negra Nit:



Poison Oak - New Single 'Sarah'

From the band: "The song Sarah is about the idea that you cannot fix someone else’s problems despite how hard you try. The song also reflects on past traumas, learning to let go of this and showing how to move on with life. Sarah, accentuates the fact that the best option is to let someone go than to rather stay with them and try to help. The song contains dynamic build ups with a indie rock tone and a sprinkle of brit rock. The song highlights the message that it’s better to focus than to try and fix someone."

'Sarah' is available here:

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