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Brazilian Thrashers of EMBRIO re-record the first song of their career!

Brazilian Thrashers of EMBRIO re-record the first song of career!

Brazilian Thrashers of EMBRIO, which throughout the pandemic have been releasing video re-recordings of old songs from their career in Lockdown Sessions format, published today on their official YouTube channel the re-recording of the track "This Flame", the band's first official composition and released on the 2008 debut album "Prophets Of Doom".

"As we are in the same boat as practically all bands today, stopped and without shows due to the pandemic, we are taking advantage of the time and re-recording older material with the current formation of the band in a series of videos at the same time that we are working on new material to our new album. We have already re-recorded the tracks "Violence", "Hell Business", "Chaos Is My Life", "For New Day" and now we did the first song composed under the name of Embrio in 2005, "This Flame". I hope you like it", commented Emerson Pereira (leader, founder, guitarist and vocalist).

Watch "This Flame" (Lockdown Sessions 2021) on:

For fans of: Sepultura, Soulfly, Korzus, SodomMachine Head, Ektomorf

More information:

Formed in Cascavel, Parana, the band EMBRIO emerged in 2005 with the intention of spreading its Thrash Metal full of aggressiveness, energy and visceral groove throughout the world strongly influenced by bands such as Sepultura, Soulfly, Korzus, Sodom, Machine Head and Ektomorf. Founded by Emerson Pereira (vocal/guitar), the band had many lineu-up changes and even opened concerts by major brazilian and worldwide bands, such as Ratos de Porão, Sepultura, Krisiun, Project46, Claustrofobia, Kuazar, Havok and Paul Di ' Anno (ex-Iron Maiden). Their discography includes five studio albums and one B-Sides album, all highly praised by the specialized musical press, where each of them brought more mature and diversified sounds, but maintaining a personality full of solid, technical and modern compositions. Their last and most recent work was the aggressive and thought-provoking album "Karmadoom", released in 2017, and because of that album EMBRIO was invited to play with the Symphony Orchestra of Cascavel, in the event called "A Volta ao Mundo do Rock", at the same year. The successor to "Karmadoom", not yet titled, is in the process of writing/recording and it's expected to be released in 2021.


Emerson Pereira
 – Vocals/Guitars
Bruno Heleno – Guitars/Backing Vocals
Daniel Be – Bass/Backing Vocals
Lucas Nascimento – Drums


“Prophets Of Doom” (Album/2008)
“Corporation Is A Cancer” (Album/2010)
“Testify” (Album/2012)
“Revolt Against The System” (Album/2013)
“Déjà Vu” (Album/2015)
“Karmadoom” (Album/2017)

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Press Agency: JZ PRESS

EMBRIO - "This Flame"
Lockdown Sessions 2021


SOM Releases New Video Game, Awake, Now Playable At MetalSucks; EP Out Now!


Play SOM’s Awake video game at MetalSucks HERE.

SOM – the dream pop/rock collective made up of current and former members of Constants, Junius, and Caspian – is pleased to unveil Awake, the video game! Created in quarantine, the game, which follows the release of the band’s EP of the same name, is a retro 3D adventure that seeks to unite the members of SOM after a long year of lockdowns. Find the hidden crystals, unlock tracks from the EP, reunite the band, and beam them home!
Elaborates SOM, “This game is 100% inspired by the current state of the world. We leaned into the question, ‘what is something that we’re all longing for but cannot achieve in waking life right now?’ The answer was clear and simple: ‘to be together.’ So we tapped our mad scientist super-genius friend Ryan Sciaino — who does live visuals for tons of artists including Porter Robinson, A-Trak, and Anamanaguchi — to create a modest virtual realm where the player can not only explore and discover our music, but also reunite us, the members of SOM. We hope people have fun bringing us together.”
Adds game creator Ryan Sciaino (Ghostdad), “Game design is something I’ve always flirted with while creating visuals for live shows, and Unity in particular is a handy tool I use for throwing ideas around in 3D space. With shows on hold this past year I’ve dug in a little deeper creating WebGL games as immersive music video like experiences. This practice has opened up the type of artists I’ve been able to work with and I was stoked with [SOM drummer] Duncan [Rich] and the band reached out with the idea for a game. I hadn’t thought about heavy music in a video game that wasn’t an action or shooting game, but this EP totally makes sense in this sparse walking simulator like context. [Vocalist/guitarist] Will [Benoit] sent over some audio that sets the tone of the retro game landscape, but as soon as you collect play the first song it starts to become a real journey. You can find more of my project here as well:”
Play SOM’s Awake at MetalSucks HERE.
Combining two exclusive originals with remixes by collaborators Holy Fawn, Hisself (Johnny Dang of O’Brother), U Dye (Marshall Gallagher of Teenage Wrist), and Giuseppe Capolupo (The Devil Wears Prada), SOM’s Awake EP is a triumph of self-described “heavy dream pop.” Its concise compositions balance the gritty riffs of Deftones with airy, Tame Impala-esque vocal lines, just as primed for rock radio success as they are for shoegaze-loving connoisseurs.

View the band’s previously released video for opening track, “Awake // Sedate,” HERE, “Youth // Decay” HERE, “Awake // Sedate” (Holy Fawn remix) HERE, their set as part of Metal Injection’s February edition of Slay At Home Fest HERE, and “Open Wounds” (U DYE Remind) HERE.
Awake is out now independently on limited-edition cassette and digitally via Nuclear Blast’s digital subsidiary, Blood Blast Distribution. Find ordering options at THIS LOCATION. CD and vinyl editions of Awake are available via Pelagic Records at THIS LOCATION.
SOM was founded by Duncan Rich, frontman and former Constants colleague Will Benoit, and Adai founder and now-Caspian drummer Justin Forrest. While touring in support of their debut full-length The Fall in 2019, the band added guitarists Mike Repasch-Nieves and Joel M. Reynolds, both formerly of Junius and Driftoff. “We’ve always been a musical family,” notes Rich.
The tracks on Awake are part of SOM’s ongoing mission to “leave this place better than we found it.” Despite being recorded in quarantine, the EP was mixed by Benoit at his own Radar Studio in Connecticut – New England’s first solar-powered recording facility. Repasch-Nieves and Reynolds, meanwhile, spent 2020 sustaining an urban farm in New York City, while Forrest distributed vegan food to Black Lives Matter activists in Denver through the Summer. Equally philanthropic is Rich, who now uses his production experience to host emotional fluency events for men. While many musicians lumbered in inactivity, SOM used the darkness of recent times to create and heal. Awake’s bliss is an insight not only into the kind of harmony the quintet seeks to cultivate in all facets of life, but also the exciting second full-length that looms on the horizon.
SOM… specialize in a gauzy, feedback-soaked sound… It’s not far flung from the output of high-volume shoegazers such as Deftones or Hum.” – Revolver
“…thick and hazy but with soaring vocal harmonies that add a lightness to the song.” – BrooklynVegan on “Awake // Sedate”
“The remix takes the core of the original and flips it on its head, swapping a subtle electronic backbeat, atmospheric synth effects and washed-out vocals for the hard-hitting drums and guitars and more present vocals in the original. In short, it makes the perfect companion piece.” – MetalSucks on “Awake // Sedate” (Holy Fawn Remix)
SOM play the kind of somber, glimmering music that exudes a heavy fog of emotion and introspection around it.” – Kerrang!
Will Benoit – vocals, guitars
Justin Forrest – bass
Mike Repasch-Nieves – guitars
Joel M. Reynolds – guitars
Duncan Rich – drums

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Hungarian Death Metal squad DAMNATION reveal debut EP release date and new track


Hungarian Death Metal squad DAMNATION reveal debut EP release date and new track

Hungarian Death Metal squad DAMNATION reveal debut EP release date and new track

Hungarian Death Metal quintet DAMNATION‘s debut material titled Majesty In Degradation is now set to be released via Pest Records (a Loud Rage Music chapter) this May 28th, and the is now streaming a second track The Colossal Dread here:

Majesty In Degradation is now available for pre-order here:

Established in Makó, Hungary by ex-Thy Catafalque guitarist János Juhász in 2020, DAMNATION soon evolved into a full line-up formation featuring experienced musicians from the Hungarian underground:

János Juhász – ex. Thy Catafalque, Gort (Guitarist / Songwriter)
Árpád Szenti – Ahriman, Athame, Evil’s Tears, Mörbid Carnage, Sentio Ergo Sum (Drums)
Péter Gáspár – Gort (Bass)
Ádám Forczek – Needless (Lyrics / Vocals)
Tamás Bárány – Needless (Lead guitars / Solos)

supported by:
Zoltán Kónya – Gire, Gort (Recording / Mixing / Mastering)
István Verebes – Shiva (Logo)


Pest Records:

DAMNATION - The Colossal Dread (Official Track)

Monday, May 3, 2021

Cherokee - Directo desde Madrid

1.Delirios de poder
2.Al límite del juego
3. Empieza a latir
4. Noches de rock
7. Sintiendo el rock
8. Sin miedo
9. Condición crítica
10. El Flautista

 New release
album by Rising Rock

On May 10, the long-awaited new
Vigo Cherokee band work. The album was recorded
live at the Honky Tonk room in Madrid during the
presentation of his self-titled EP "Cherokee". It is made up of
10 songs where all the strength and magic of the live of
the band formed by: Fran Vázquez a la voz, Gerardo
Fernández and Adolfo FH on guitars, Jorge Múgica on Bass and
Carlos Delgado on drums. And as a special guest at the
theme Without Fear, Jose Pineda hung up the Guitar to delight
of everyone present.
3 singles have been extracted from this album, "Delirios de Poder",
"Cherokee" and the most recent "Al límite del juego".
In addition to these songs, the CD contains another 7 full of power
and hard rock in its purest form.
The album will be on sale through the band itself in its
band Facebook page


My Funeral release new single "Flamethrower"


Helsinki-based crossover thrash band My Funeral have just released their new single "Flamethrower".

"Flamethrower" represents the group's efforts at a darker, grittier return. When the world and the mind are on fire, does anything go back to the way it used to be?
The song is about how life just burns out. A song about depression, anxiety and addiction. How can the mind survive the relentless onslaught of inner demons, when the walls are closing in and you're at war with yourself? When all the pain is gone, life can finally begin - even when all is given and the mind is on fire.
My Funeral is busy working on their new full-length album. They will start to record in August. The new album will be released in 2022 and it will be deeply involved in the fight against themselves.

Listen "Flamethrower" at this location: