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FØES/HEATED: War On Everything Split 7” EP To See Release Through Glacier Recordings; Tracks Streaming + Cooperative Tour Dates Kick Off This Week


Bay Area hardcore/metal label Glacier Recordings presents a pummeling split EP between Oregon’s FØES and California’s HEATED, titled War On Everything. Two of the tracks from the split have been issued as the bands prepare to assault California and Nevada on a four-city tour together this week.
Created during the gut-punch of the past two years of the pandemic, FØES teamed up with their road companions HEATED to assemble the succinct but impactful War On Everything split 7”. With two songs from each band, War On Everything is complete and total war against the environments each act was and still are subjected to as well as an all-out assault against themselves in the physical and mental stress ridden times we find ourselves, here in America in 2022.
Side A of War On Everything brings forth FØES’ tracks “Ghost Town” and “Dog Catcher,” which were recorded and produced by Garrett Judkins and Sonny Daniels at their own Doomroom Studios and mixed by Derek Leisey. Side B delivers the HEATED songs “Immune Leap” and “Doom Feed,” with the drums self-recorded by Zack Baker at his home studio, guitars and bass recorded by Roman Gonzalez at his home studio, and the vocals recorded by Mike Sahm at Dream Awake Audio where the songs were mixed with additional production by Allen Freeberg. The track “Immune Leap” features a guest vocal appearance by Micah Berry of FØES. All tracks were mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Integrity, Nails, Xibalba) and the record is completed with album art and design by Taylor Bates.
FØES’ “Dog Catcher” and HEATED’s “Immune Leap” are now streaming at Bandcamp where digital preorders for War On Everything are available HERE.
War On Everything will see release through all digital services on May 27th, followed by the vinyl later this Summer. Watch for updates on the vinyl to be posted over the weeks ahead.
War On Everything Track Listing:
1. Ghost Town (FØES)
2. Dog Catcher (FØES)
3. Immune Leap (HEATED)
4. Doom Feed (HEATED)
Along with the news of the record, FØES and HEATED have teamed up for a new run of shows together. This Thursday, May 12th the action begins in Reno, followed by shows in Chico on Friday, San Jose on Saturday, and Lodi on Sunday the 15th. Watch for additional live updates and more on both acts to post shortly.
FØES and HEATED The War On Everything Tour:
5/12/2022 Alturas Bar – Reno, NV
5/13/2022 Gnarly Deli – Chico, CA
5/14/2022 The Elegant Pub – San Jose, CA
5/15/2022 Wildwood Skateshop – Lodi, CA
Sunriver, Oregon-based FØES developed from a long-running side project of drummer Garrett Judkins and guitarist Sonny Daniels – both formerly of In the Advent Of Horror, Morgellon, and Murder On Hermosa – now rounded out with vocalist Micah Berry (Illis Amora, Old Nod) and bassist/vocalist Brandon Self (Existential Depression, Gravewitch, Unto the Plague, Abiosis). The band released their The Doom Room Sessions EP in 2016, followed the following year by the NOD record. Several notable singles including “Naysayer” and “Free Of Them,” along with solid live performances and tours, would give the band quite a bit of pickup over the next few years. In 2020, the band released the American Violence EP through Glacier Recordings which showcased the band and their most crushing yet.
Sonny Daniels – guitar
Garrett Judkins – drums, noise
Micah Berry – vocals
Brandon Self – bass, vocals
HEATED is a hardcore collective based out of Stockton, California. The band was initially founded as a solo endeavor by guitarist Roman Gonzalez who then recruited bassist Allen Freeberg and vocalist Joey Barrows as full-time members. HEATED also boasts a lengthy list of live collaborators and artistic contributors including Zack Baker, Jake Hollingsworth, Dylan Todt, Hunter Thomas, and several others. Their debut EP was recorded in 2017 (before the full-time additions of Freeberg and Barrows) and was released in October of 2021, followed almost immediately by the release of their first two singles with the current lineup, "Enormous Shadows" and "Empty Maze." The band is currently in the process of recording their debut full-length album.
Roman Gonzalez – guitar, vocals
Joey Barrows – vocals
A.J. Allen Freeberg – bass, vocals
Review copies of War On Everything are now available. For coverage of FØES and HEATED contact

FOES by Walt Raskal Sullins

HEATED by Brian Dunn
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Forever Reigning (Compilation) - A Tribute To Slayer (Thrash / Death Metal)


Release Date: 4/29/22

FFO: Slayer, Pantera, Lamb Of God

Forever Reigning – A Tribute To Slayer is the debut release from Satyrn Studios’ bringing together talented underground bands to honour the thrash metal titans. Featuring twelve of SLAYER’s best tracks covered by an array of up-and-coming metal acts, the new record is a celebration of heavy metal.

Executive Producer of Satyrn Studios Jay Reiter comments:

“As a fan this is a really big deal for me. It’s been fun and challenging to both learn the songs I did, but also put my own twist onto the songs [while] keeping it true to the original source material. As a business owner, this is my first major album drop. I’m learning a lot about the music industry, as well as the recording industry. I’m really excited to see where this album takes me!”

The metal giants helped to define the genre with their brutal assault on the heavy music world. Over their long-spanning career, they have been highly influential to musicians, bands and metal fans all around the globe. Forever Reigning demonstrates an intense passion for heavy music, with each track fusing the sheer power of SLAYER’s sound with the distinctive style of each guest band. From the iconic dark, haunting mood of “South of Heaven” with an enhanced demonic edge from SKROG, to EULOGY IN BLOOD’s brutal reimagining of “Bloodline”, to SKULL FUCKERS INCORPORATED’s ruthless rendition of “Raining Blood”, each cover packs a heavy punch.

Forever Reigning – A Tribute To Slayer is a dynamic collaboration drawing artists together through their adoration of SLAYER’s work. It’s a hard-hitting record, embodying the crushing sound that went onto inspire generations, a dynamic tribute to SLAYER’s continuing legacy. - Kick Ass Forever !


‘South Of Heaven’ – Skrog
‘Show No Mercy’ – Disinter
‘Expendable Youth’ – Distal Descent
‘Dead Skin Mask’ – Skull Fuckers Incorporated
‘Bloodline’ – Eulogy On Blood
‘Delusions Of Savior’ – Distal Descent
‘Mandatory Suicide’ – Distal Descent
‘Disorder’ – SloKill
‘At Dawn They Sleep’ – Overt Enemy
‘Spill The Blood’ – Bloat Toad
‘Divine Intervention’ – Skrog
‘Raining Blood’ – Skull Fuckers Incorporated

Check out this video!
Check out this message from Gary Holt (Exodus / Slayer)!

HERE LIES WES - 'Pieces Of Me' EP [U.S. Metal Rock]


WES speaking of his EP, stated: "This album is like a doorway to different times of my life. Each track was written from tragic moments in my life . It's hard to keep that emotion bottled up inside so instead of crawling in a hole and dying, I took the pain and wrote the pieces of me. Remeber you are not alone"

Here Lies Wes is an alternative indie rock project. With his grungy riffs ,to his emotionally driven lyrics, puts his sound on the map , with some of the best artist in the world. From (Staind) Aaron Lewis, 10years with a tangled twist of the late 90's alternative/rock. From artist like , Bush to Candlerbox, his musical talents definitely earn the right to be on this list of known artist. In early 2022 he just signed his firt deal and partnered with Wormholedeath Records in releasing his first album titled "Pieces of Me", under the name Here Lies Wes. Including tracks like "Broken Hearts" and "Resistance", he hopes to flood the music industry and he's thankful for his achievements as an artist.
Currently he is concentrating on writing his second album "Wasted Tragedy" and hopes to have it out summer of 2022.







ANGST - “THE VILE" (Black Metal from Portugal)

Listen “THE VILE"

Release Date: 28-08-2021
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Portugal


"Eight Tracks of True Occult Ceremonies Emanating from the Lowest Level of Hell Loaded with the Darkest Energies and Honorable Children of Satan... Angst Show the Ferocity and Anguish The Tenacity and Morbidity. Music in Its Most Charged State of Death and Negativity. Black metal in Its Pure State."


And the DISC OF THE MONTH for August for the Caminhos Metalicos team is "The Vile" by ANGST, released on CD and cassette by Zero Dimensional Records and Larvae Records.
Caminhos Metalicos

[...the reference may pass through the immortal at a late stage...... a curious and unexpected project 7.5/10
Loud Magazine

...we are in front of a supergroup... the music speaks for itself.
Execrandos Manifestos - SOS metal Radio Show

Personally, this is a great record ... but the important thing is the music and this – as the youth would say – IS TOP! 8.5/10
Manuel Joaquim - Caminhos Metalicos

Angst - All instruments
Ltaoclazteuq - Vocals

'The Vile' was recorded and mixed by Bruno Silva.
'The Vile' was mastered by Bruno Silva.
All music written and produced by Angst.
Lyrics by Ltaoclazteuq.
All cd artwork by Angst and Ltaoclazteuq
All tape artwork by phobos Anomally