Friday, July 15, 2022

VIOGRESSION – 3RD STAGE OF DECAY (Review by Varg The Mighty )


Today’s review is of American Death Metal band Viogression’s new album.

This release has a very classic sound that mainly reminds of Death, and the album explores many different aspects of the genre in a way that creates a varied album that never lacks quality. Some songs are pure OSDM, while others take a more technical direction, some are groovier and other have progressive undertones that would make the tracks fit fine in an Atmospheric Death Metal full-length.

The band here proves their veteran experience while still showing that they can explore other territories in a constructive way. Fans of almost any of Death Metal’s subgenres may enjoy this release, for it certainly breaks the genre’s unfortunate usual monotony. This is a powerful offering that shows how the underground’s conflagration will never be extinguished. My personal highlights are “3 Skulls” and “Cipher”.

I recommend this album to fans of OSDM and any other kind of Death Metal. My rating is of 9/10.




BESTIALORD – BLESS THEM WITH PAIN (Review by Varg The Mighty )


Today’s review is of American Death Doom Metal band Bestialord’s new album.

This release doesn’t really fit in your common Death Doom denomination, but it’s one of the most accurate labels to put on the album. These songs are more upbeat than the usual ones of the genre, and some Thrash elements are also present. It may be much better compared to Celtic Frost, current Darkthrone or Dungeönhammer than to anything else.

With a fairly raw recording, a fascination for the old-school and heavy pounding riffs under a rotten vocal performance, this full-length may surely appeal to fans of early Extreme Metal. If you want something obscure, straightforward and evil, then look no further. This is a fine addition to the list of Celtic Frost worshipping albums that nonetheless add their personal elements and identity. My personal highlights are “Upon The Altar” and “Herald Of Dawn”.

I recommend this album to fans of Death Doom Metal and early Extreme Metal in general. My rating is of 9/10.





Today’s review is of Italian Black Metal band Ad Noctem Funeriis’ new album.

This release offers rapid, frigid and furious Black Metal completely bathed in the dark waters of old-school mastery. As expected from a veteran band, they have delivered a solid full-length that may please any fan of the third wave.

Nonetheless, it always sticks to the general formula for an aggressive display of satanic mayhem, leaving no space for innovation and thus losing any chance of acquiring freshness. The listener mustn’t expect anything new, but a classic assault of pure Black Metal will surely be delivered. As so, it’s much more recommendable to fans of the old-school than to anyone expecting something different. While this direction has been already thoroughly explored, this release is a good example of it, and it has some great epic auras. My personal highlights are “Abyss II” and “Fire I”.

I recommend this album to fans of Black Metal. My rating is of 8,5/10.