Thursday, September 22, 2022

HAMMERSTAR – HAMMERSTAR (Review by Varg The Mighty )

Today’s review is of American Speed Metal band Hammerstar’s debut album.

This release offers some purely old-school Metal done the right way. These songs praise Metal through epic themes, kickass and seriously shredding solos and an outstanding vocal performance with few new bands being comparable to it. In a mix of Bruce Dickinson and Dan Beehler, these shrieks will mark their lyrics into the listener’s brain.

But this album is not only a duel between virtuoso guitars and talented vocals, there’s also some compositional sturdiness upheld by steady drums and bass guitar that add into the mix that element of catchiness that make the songs memorable. Fans of anything classic, upbeat and overall Metal should check out this tribute to the masters which also displays its own personality. This is surely a band with potential. My personal highlights are “Heart Of Stone” and “Soul Reaper”.

I recommend this album to fans of Speed Metal and Heavy Metal. My rating is of 9,5/10.



Thursday, September 15, 2022

Ósserp present Els Nous Cants De La Sibil•la, their new album

 Ósserp present Els Nous Cants De La Sibil·la, their new album

Five years after the enormous Al Meu Pas S'Alça La Mort, Ósserp are back with Els Nous Cants De La Sibil•la, their third album. This work will be published next Friday, August 19 in streaming, cassette via Lost Merch, and on CD digipack, in what will be an effort between the band itself and Eternal Juggernaut Records.

A co-edition on LP is also planned, with a date yet to be determined, through Eternal Juggernaut, Kremón Records, Catábasis Records, Hecatombe Records, Lost Merch, Brutal Arratia Records and Cruzade Records.

Recorded by Aleix Archs at Estudi:Labedoble and mastered by the renowned Arthur Rizk (Eternal Champion, Black Curse, Pissgrave, Power Trip...), the cover artwork has been commissioned by the great Paolo Girardi (Hyperdontia, Black Breath...) .

As always, in Els Nous Cants De La Sibil•la, the Catalans start from death grind to give birth to another monster that is difficult to label and has its own entity, which can also tear you apart with bits of American death from the 90s or harmonies and atmospheres more typical of black .

As they themselves say, "Wrapped in the usual mythology of the band, the album deals with the insignificance of man in the universe and how he fights to remain eternal, presenting the Ósserp as the reincarnation of the Sibyl, a character from Mediterranean mythology that heralds the end of the world.

Els Nous Cants De La Sibil•la is another bestiality of an album that crushes you mercilessly, and this is its list of songs:

1. Cavalcant L’Ossa Menor
2. Tot Crema
3. L’Engany
4. El Pes Del Buit
5. L’Abraçada Del Destí
6. L’Home En El Laberint
7. La Rèmora
8. El Rival Més Fort
9. Lluna Negra 

PICTURE: Ivan Salvador.




Raised Hell: New single released, “War Of Fools”

RAISED HELL is a Thrash/Death Metal group that was conceived in the year 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, in the city of São Paulo. In order to practice an aggressive sound and very based on the old school of style, the band released on digital platforms, still in the same year, their first single, “Drowned In Ignorance”, and later, the EP “Necropolitics”, which brings the special participation of Luiz Carlos Louzada (Vulcano, Hierarchical Punishment, Chemical Disaster, etc.), promptly getting featured in the list of the 20 best releases of the year organized by Roadie Crew magazine.


 Preceding the release of their highly anticipated full-length debut, RAISED HELL has just released the first single from the upcoming album. “War Of Fools” is a composition by vocalist João, and was recorded at Dual Noise studio, in São Paulo/SP, with production by Rogério Weco. As the song's title suggests, its lyrics address the anti-war theme, which – unfortunately – dialogues directly with the reality of our world today.

“War Of Fools” is now available for viewing on all major streaming platforms.

Listen to the single on Spotify:

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Today’s review is of American Crossover Thrash Metal band Split Image’s debut EP.

This release is absolutely energetic and displays and old-school kind of mayhem that has rarely been achieved since the glory days of Suicidal Tendencies.

Manic vocals over fast-paced riffs of moshing madness here create some short and catchy tracks that will leave the listener expecting much more, for the band shows some great potential in a subgenre that has long been waiting for renewed driving forces. Their hardcore push combined with Thrash grooves will make heads strongly bang. My personal highlights are “Socialized Crucifixion” and “Blank Shot”.

I recommend this EP to fans of Crossover Thrash Metal. My rating is of 9/10.


VENUS – PROJECT LAMDA (Review by Varg The Mighty )


Today’s review is of Greek Thrash Metal band Venus’ debut EP.

This release consists of 4 long tracks that offer an initial glimpse into the project’s potential. Despite the tracks’ lengths, they are very dynamic (sometimes even too much), and transmit a sense of restlessness facing bleak futures in the stars.

Their exact genre is hard to define, since it’s a hybrid of many things. It is mainly sci-fi Thrash in the likes of Vektor or certain Voivod albums, but it also has some Power Metal bits of splendour, many elements of Technical Death Metal that bring Atheist to mind, while other bits even have Atmospheric Black Metal hints. While the mix is interesting and it sounds modern and fresh, the structure of it all is a little rough around the edges, especially with the constant shift between harsh and clean vocals and some riffs are excessively complicated to be enjoyable. Nonetheless, it is a decent EP with a unique aura that will really leave the listener expecting their next release. My personal highlights are “Art Of Illusion” and “Helios Abandoned”.

I recommend this EP to fans of Progressive Extreme Metal, Technical Thrash Metal, Technical Death Metal and any other sci-fi leaning subgenres. My rating is of 8,5/10.